God in me, and me in God. Who and what is God? Who am I, within him?

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This article asks a lot of questions, and then it tries to provide a few of the possible answers to these questions.

These are big questions like:

Who is God?

Who are we?

Can these types of questions ever be answered?

Read on at my attempt to do so.

Why is God, God? Why are you, you? Why am I, I?

The emptiness you feel in your being you, and not God, or somebody else, allows for the fullness of God to enter you, and this too allows God to be you in you, but additionally it also allows you to be God within God too.

We are all one.

You are a part of God, and each part is God too, but it is separately alive individually too. All of this just is. God is God.

Who created God?


God always existed, and so did you within him.

It's just that over time consciousness allows you to become conscious individually separately, and so then you feel this separation more, simply because of this trade off of consciousness, which allows you to know love as much as it is God's lifeblood.

Consciousness is created when God's lifeblood, or his love flows through Himself, and this also happens when consciousness becomes attached to any part of God that also embraces love, by allowing it to flow uninterruptedly through them too.

This is each individual parts freedom of choice.

Either to live from the same love as does God, or to live from some other lesser form of love instead, which you yourself create, and which you must see is really a lower, less complexly, full love, because you hold part of it back, as fear.

"God has given you one face, and you make yourself another."

This quote is from that great English playwright, William Shakespeare (1564 to 1616).

Perhaps he is saying here that we should more often accept ourselves as the person that God has created us to be for him.

God created us as a part of himself, but he also wants us to be fully ourselves within him.

This is the great paradox of God's creation though.

If we separate ourselves too much from God, we will often then lose contact with our real self within him. And so then we will nearly always create a false face for ourselves then instead, by our doing this.

Be real, as real as you can be. Be who God made you to be for him.

God can be understood, when we understand ourselves

What is your understanding of God?

What is God, why is God, and who is God?

I was asking myself these questions during a recent contemplation session.

I was contemplating that I was in my own temple or chapel. I was sitting on a blue cushion (in the temple), and I got this somewhat cryptic answer.

''God is the cushion, and then I noticed that the cushion had the word comfort embroidered on it.''

I thought that this meant that God is everything, and everywhere, and so God is also right where I am. In fact, the comfort of the cushion is also a facet of God, meaning that God gives comfort to me.

God does seem to operate through certain Laws, both spiritual laws and physical laws.

For example:

The Law of non-interference states that a spiritual being cannot violate the personal space of others.

What does this mean exactly? Can we help other people, children or animals in distress? What are these spiritual Laws, and who created them? Are they set for all time, or are they changing as we all come to agree on new laws and they then enter the Universe?

All laws are under the Law of Love, but is this law really also a law? Is there Law in love, or only love in love?

Or maybe the truth is that love is at the top of all things, but that it operates in certain ways that we can describe as laws.

What's the truth about these laws, are they the same as the law of gravity for instance, which is described as a natural law? Does God also operate under his own laws?

Laws are observed occurrences that repeat, and so are then described as spiritual laws, simply because the masters have observed these laws from experience, and their teachings are a symposium or amalgamation of all of the experiences from all the masters and others over time, and which are recorded to help all those who are able to read them.

Who is God, What is God, Why is God?

The answer I got from my contemplation above is a good as any.

God exists because you exist. Existence exists, and God is the comfort that your cushion provides you, and God is your support, and God gives you encouragement to live through love. We can all feel that this love as existing. Love exists, and we all know this from deep within our own hearts. The more that you feel and know real love, the closer you get to knowing and understanding God. For God is love.

If soul was sent here only to get spiritual experience, does that mean that God already knows what spiritual experiences that he wanted each soul to obtain, and so that he set up the Universe in that particular way to teach them the most efficiently?

How did God himself get the spiritual experience that we are going through to know that we soul are spiritually inexperienced, and so to know what we need?

Has God also been soul at some stage, how does God know and have experience without having experience?

This seems indeed a paradox, but we need to remember within infinity God, is of course the sum of all and of everything, and so he has had every experience within him, and he knows everything within him. He created soul within himself so that individual parts of himself could gain experiences, and so that the whole could be known by its parts.

God wanted to ''compartmentise'' himself so he could experience self-love, and he created soul as a free independent entity in order to do this. Soul is not fully free of God however and it is really still part of him.

God created soul in order for it to sort of experience him from an outside position and to love him from a distance, and so that soul would be a realised part of God rather than just a working part that functions, but doesn't know that it functions.

That's putting it into words, but it can't properly be described, because God can't be adequately described. God describes himself through his creation of soul, who then looks back at himself and describes what he sees.

And still I ask is there any more to this. It's all a bit hard to follow, can we ever prove any of this to ourselves now?

My meditation gave me the following answer.

God cannot be proven as much as it can't be proven what you are thinking about right now. Nobody ever really knows except for you, yourself.

A brain scan only reveals the activity, and not the thoughts. And so with God we know that he is there by the activity we see, but we also cannot know the mind of God. God has allowed us to be part of his creation, and thus to know our own mind from our own thinking, and by so doing we begin to understand God, for truly we are a part of him and him us.

Love is God in us, and love is us in God. We don't know who God is.

Can we ever know, or would our idea of God only ever remain our own concept or created idea? Could we ever know for certain who and what God is or might be?

Can we ever know for certain even who we are ourselves?

Certainty only ever exists within oneness.

If there was no oneness, nothing could ever be certain.

But something does exist.

"In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence."

This is a quote from the great English physicist and mathematician, Isaac Newton (1642 to 1727).

Perhaps he meant that we are all under God's thumb, or maybe he meant that the thumb is so complex that only somebody like God could have created one.

It seems though, that this great thinker believed in the existence of God!

What exists is not an illusion. It exists for real!

We all know that much, that something is existing here, (it is no illusion), and so oneness must also exist, and this oneness must be God, and you must be part of God existing to within this same oneness.

This is the certainty of love living in you. Love is the window into truth, and it shows you yourself connected to this oneness.

Only from feeling connection can we prove anything. In isolation we are more or less dead to ourselves, and to all else besides.

When we recognise oneness, we see all including God, and we see the truth of ourselves then as well. It all begins, and ends with only love. Love is the great light that illuminates all else, and that shines on all else and only from which the truth of all else can be seen.

"God is bigger than people think."

The American actor, Jimmy Dean (1928 to 2010) said this.

People cannot think how big God is, unless God enters them thinking "bigly" within themselves!

Who created who? Would the real creator please stand up?

Is man a creation of God, or is God a creation of man?

Who created God, and who is God? What relevance has he got for me, as I seem to have my problems despite of him existing or not? Did I create God to solve my own problems, or did God create me to give me his problems to solve them for him?

This is an interesting tautology, because one way or another I think that I myself certainly do seem to exist. But if God exists and if God is everything, I must exist within him.

Did God therefore create me from himself, or just maybe am I really God myself?

Well for me, it's like the story of the fish and the tortoise.

One day a large fish jumped onto the back of the tortoise while it was swimming across the vastness of the blue sea. It thought to itself now what is this that I am on, it is moving me along and I am out of my normal watery environment.

The tortoise also felt the fish on his back and he thought, what is that on my back. It seems to me to be alive like me, but it came from out of nowhere.

Is it only a part of me that perhaps I didn't feel somehow before, or is it something that is not really me?

Both the tortoise and the fish were affected by outside influences or so they had thought, but the real question about God is, is he inside or outside of you?

Does God reside inside or outside of the Universe? Are you the tortoise or the fish? Is God the tortoise or the fish or the ocean?

Well, the story now continues on a bit more.

As the fish now felt itself dying, because of the lack of life giving oxygen that it normally obtained from the water, it jumped off the tortoise's back, and it leapt back again under the water.

God is like the tortoise to us in that he can carry us through our life for a bit. He can support us for a while, and we feel his support and his love, but again we then ask ourselves is this really God, and then we have to eventually jump back to our own life, as we only survive for now in this human temple living as ourselves.

This perhaps shows us that life is not God, and that you are not God.

God in the long run then is no more than the mysterious potential of us all, only obtained by being ourselves. Infinity contains all possibilities and potentially anything is possible. God never created himself because he never existed to create himself. God arose from the possibilities that exist in everything and these possibilities would still exist even if there is a Universe or not.

As all of these possibilities swirl around, out of nothing comes something only because it is possible. As soon as something starts to exist from out of the nothing, God has an entrance and exists as well. God is the field of infinity and infinite possibilities and will always come to us as we require it by our very asking for him to come.

When we think only the possible, we are then limited by the possible. Think the impossible, and it will become possible.

God is the impossible made possible by the infinite being made finite in its own creation and which then becomes a separate finite part of infinity in order to look back and recognise the infinity which appears infinite and visible only within limitation.

We ourselves limit God by allowing him to create us, and then we free him by then honouring our creator freely.

Who then is our creator?

Well, if we have allowed God to even create us, it means that he really only recreates us and therefore we too have always existed in this field of infinite possibilities forever.

Maybe God is us and we are God. We created God for him to create us. Think about that and know God and so also know yourself, for in truth all is possible.

If there was something not possible we would and could not exist.

We only exist because all thinks are possible and with infinity helping us, we will always exist. We always have existed until we jumped on to the human construct for a minute and so landed ourselves out of our natural waters of infinite bliss.

We thought then that we were separate. Until we started to gasp for God again, as we will all naturally do, and we must all eventually go back to him and then we will again realise the only realisable conclusion, we are in God and God is in us.

Therefore, we are God. This is the only truth that we can come to know, because there is really no separation in infinity. Separation is only an illusion, and if there is no separation there is only God. And therefore, we are God.

What can you ever truly say about creation? Who created man and his Universe? If something else created us all, who is that something else? Does God's existence exist as an outsider looking in, or can we know God by creating an entry for him into our lives, and so that we are then the insider looking out?

If so, it could be said that we then create or recreate God again to be in our lives. We searched for God and recreated him to be now found in ourselves.

What is the truth about God?

That's a big ask and nobody really knows the whole truth except God and yourself.

When you join God and share your life in him and from him while here, he eventually shows you all that you are within him. You learn about yourself from learning about God in yourself. God didn't create himself as much as you didn't create yourself.

What then is the answer to this riddle of God?

It depends on who is doing the asking. For all of us, only when we are separated from God do we ask this question of ourselves, but when we join back in God to God the question then never arises.

God didn't create himself, because he was nothing until he created us. He existed as a nothingness of only himself growing in awareness of his position wanting to be something rather than to be only fully cognisant of flying blindly as nothing within infinity.

God had always existed asleep until he awakened himself within us.

Dream to be God and function as God awakened in you now, for after all we are only God dreaming to be us.

"Life is God's novel. Let him write it."

This quote is from a writer. It is from the American writer, Isaac Bashevis Singer (1904 to1991).

This might be true of course, but I do believe that he is allowing us to read it, to experience it, and to be one of his characters within that novel too!

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author avatar Carol Roach
31st Jul 2015 (#)

I think it is in the zoltan the jewish mystically book, that God is like a Milk body who needs to be filled, and we are the milk that needs the body to envelop us and give us form

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author avatar Carol Roach
31st Jul 2015 (#)

sorry the word is zohar

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author avatar spirited
31st Jul 2015 (#)

thanks Carol,

I like that metaphor. There is a lot of wisdom in the Jewish religion.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
31st Jul 2015 (#)

No one has much of a clue though God was more hands on earlier times. We have been searching for clues for the existence of God and the purpose to our lives. I don't think anyone has an answer with due apologies to great souls that existed.

I have a view God exists through His creations that we are not only aware of. Even our thinking and every action is prompted from within but we have many choices to chart out our own way. God wants us to be co-creators and has given us an inner awareness.

The puzzle is where we go from here but then where were we before? The best way is to live a life of total inclusiveness with love guiding our thoughts and actions looking for opportunities to chip in with positive action to counteract the negativity. I do not think we will ever know much while here as God will not reveal much! The mystery will keep us on tenterhooks as He may have a reason. Good thoughts Spirited - siva

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author avatar spirited
1st Aug 2015 (#)

"The best way is to live a life of total inclusiveness with love guiding our thoughts and actions looking for opportunities to chip in with positive action to counteract the negativity."

I like what you said there siva, if we exclude nothing perhaps we will find ourselves within everything then.

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author avatar Kingwell
31st Jul 2015 (#)

Thanks for another thought provoking post spirited. It is all very interesting and fascinating. There has to be a reason why we can't know all the answers here but it seems we will have to wait for our transition to the next realm before we get a better understanding. It appears to be just more questions here. Blessings.

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author avatar spirited
1st Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks Kingwell,

Perhaps we know the answers at some inner level though, it's bringing the answer to the surface and understanding how to best use it in our lives which is hard I think.

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