God's Love Letter to us ....UNTIL.

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Sometimes I like to write prose instead of poetry , but my theme is always the same ...and this time is one of those times ...The Gospel in a nutshell ...

God's Love Letter To Us

When I think of God's love I don't have to look any further than His Son Jesus.

Jesus came into the world for the sole purpose of obeying His Heavenly Father and to redeem us from the curse of sin and death .

God cannot overlook sin ....and Satan , a fallen Archangel, knew that to be true ....so when he was condemned to Hell.. he was hell-bent on making sure he would take as many humans with him ....

In John 10 verse 10 .... it tells us ....that the Thief ( Satan ) came but to steal , kill and destroy , but Jesus came to give us Life , and that Abundantly .

I know which I choose ...and I will follow Jesus all my life ..... UNTIL I reach Heaven and home .

Will you ?

Alongside My Earthly Foster Father

The Lord of the Universe says to us ....

There was a time - I was born into this sinful world - as an
Innocent baby - nurtured by a young Jewish Israelite maiden
Growing and walking on the dust of the Nation - applying a trade
Alongside my earthly foster father - but listening and learning from
My Heavenly Father - in trust and obedience .

UNTIL ........

Baptised In Water

The appointed time - when I was baptized in water - but
Raised up and recognized as the Son of My True Father -
Then - tempted by the Evil one - but I prevailed - and was
Filled with God's Holy Spirit - and then walked the same dust
Of the Nation - sharing the Kingdom principles with all who
Would hear and receive .....

UNTIL .....

Bearing The Sins Of The World

At the appointed time - I willingly allowed mankind to nail
Me to a wooden cross - while My blood flowed into the dust
Of the nation - as I hang as a stricken Lamb of God - bearing
The sins of the world upon My shoulders - separated from My
Father's eyes - offering forgiveness and salvation for all who
Would believe .....


God's Purpose Of Redemption Was Fulfilled

God's purpose of redemption was fulfilled - and I had given
Up My life to Him - with these words - ' It is Finished - Father -
Into Your hands I commend My Spirit - and then I died ..


Alone in the dark tomb - the power of My Father and His Spirit crashed
Through the walls - and raised Me back to My Glorified Life - then I went
Down into Sheol - and took the keys of Death and Hell - and opened the
Prison doors and the tombs of My people - who had died before My Day of
Grace - and I led the captives free - and God tore the curtain between Himself
And man - and He opened the gates of Heaven - for ALL who would believe in
Me - and millions have entered My Father's Kingdom from that day - and will go
On doing so ...


I Shall Be Enthroned Forever

I come back again - to the Nation I have called My own - and
The City of David - where I shall be enthroned forever - and I
Shall make a New Heaven and a New Earth - where there will be
No more sighing or weeping - and My enemies will be cast down -

But - UNTIL that Day comes ...

Come Unto Me

I call to you all who have ears to hear - ' Come unto Me - all who
Are weary and heavy laden - take My yoke upon you - for My yoke is
Easy - and My burden is light - and I will give you rest for your souls -
Because I love you - then - as the sheep of My pastures - you will go out
And come in - with joy and well-being - I will be your portion in a dry and
Thirsty land - I will give you the desires of your hearts - I will be your strong
Tower and fortress against the enemy of your souls - and you will be My people
And I will be your God - for all eternity ....

And Remember ....

UNTIL the end - I am with you always .

It's Up To You Now

I have just told the story of Jesus ...His birth - Death and Resurrection in a nutshell.

But - it is up to you now what you do with it .

I hope you choose right .... so one day when you leave this world - you will be ...

Safely Home .

God bless you all
love Stella ><

My musings of Heaven- O beautiful land

I bow my head - and thank You


God Loves Us Forever, To Die, To Live, To Live Again, Until The Appointed Time

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
When you read my poems - you will read my heart - which will always point you to Him.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
19th Apr 2016 (#)

Thank you Peter for your Moderation and the star .
I really pray this will be a good year for you and your family
Many blessings
Stella ><

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author avatar Mariah
19th Apr 2016 (#)

So very warming comforting and joyful to read, this is a beautiful,inspiring work of art Stella, the versing and illustrations are just illuminated with peace and joy.
Thank you for this wonderful share, God Bless.. with all my love..your wee hen xx

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
19th Apr 2016 (#)

Oh what a great joy it is to see your name here dear wee hen .
It seems that everyone is spending less and less time writing here now , which is a shame , but it is to be expected I suppose .
I truly pray that you and your family are all well.
I felt to change my normal format for this work ...and I am happy that you are blessed with it .
That is my heart's desire ...to inspire and share my faith as simply and yet as profoundly as I can....All praise to God .
May you be truly blessed always dear friend.
With fondest love ....Stella xxx

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author avatar Delicia Powers
20th Apr 2016 (#)

Morning....beautifully inspired and inspiring poetry Stella...for prose are indeed poetry when written from the heart...:0)...beautifully shared!

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
21st Apr 2016 (#)

Thank you so much dear Delicia for your very kind words ..
It is always good to know that our friends are still with us , but it is even better when we hear from them .
May God truly bless and keep you in His love and peace
Always ...Stella ><

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
30th Apr 2016 (#)

Thank you for sharing this...in World full of bigotry and schism this is just as timely to starts some healing.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
30th Apr 2016 (#)

I couldn't have said better my friend .
I pray that God will truly bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Retired
21st Feb 2017 (#)

I'm new here! Wonderfully presented, and in a prophetic tone.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
22nd Feb 2017 (#)

Bless you orchidee.
Stella ><

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author avatar Jack Vorster
15th May 2018 (#)

That was (and is) the most valuable nutshell ever, beautifully presented.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
2nd Jun 2018 (#)

Thank you Jack...
I haven't read those words I wrote a few years ago for quite a while , and it was good to remind myself of their relevance for today and always .
God bless you in all you do for the work of the Lord .
In Him ...Stella ><

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