God's Spoken Words (poem about how god works through someone you love to give a message )

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this poem is about who and how my dad acted and the things he said after his heart surgery that totally changed me inside .

God's spoken words

after dads surgery i didn't
know what to expect.
thinking it'll be over soon
and dad can finally rest.

as i walked in the recovery
room my heart wanted to stop .
seeing how swallon he was i
cried cause its my fault.

i felt scard inside i didn't know
what to do .
i thought to myself how can god
let him suffer after what he went through.

i was asked to step out as i
was called right back in.
just a second later i felt
something from within.

my dad was talking loud
saying becky, becky my name.
i said daddy im right here and
it'll be ok.

he looked at me and said
i needed to change.
i felt he knew my lies as he said it
to my face.

i felt ashamed inside he knew
everything ive done.
almost as if god in was him
telling me to wake up.

he then grabbed my hand tight
no knowing the people around me .
and said while his eye's slowly closing there are
2 people in this room who need to make peace.

just as he said that it looked as if
'he died.
me and my sister cried knowing
god was speaking through dad's life.

i know it was god cause
my dad wasn't the same
how powerful his voice was
by those things he said changed my life that day.

he made me know that there is
in fact so much more.
it's mine if i want it heavens
opened doors.

what it took for me to see
as my father slowly died.
that god uses the ones you love
to open up your eyes.

the end

by Rebecca Elizabeth Pineda


Gods Love, Gods Message, Gods Power, Gods Word, Through Dad

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author avatar poemgur1980
my name is (Rebecca Elizabeth Jimenez) married name is (Pineda .)
Im 33 yrs old been writing poems since the age of 9 I write about feelings ,love,inspiration,hope all kinds of poetry

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author avatar Williamsji
25th Nov 2013 (#)

A Life story narrated so well through simple and humble lines using the poetic format, Congrats dear Poetess, Regards, God Bless, WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
25th Nov 2013 (#)

Very nice poem

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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
25th Nov 2013 (#)

It is just beautiful. It is very touching. Thank you so much for sharing.

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author avatar poemgur1980
25th Nov 2013 (#)

thank you all for your comments may god bless each and every one of you .

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author avatar L. R. Laverde-Hansen
25th Nov 2013 (#)

This is my favorite of your work. Simple yet intense and personal.

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author avatar Retired
25th Nov 2013 (#)

Such a touching testimony of how God works in a person's life to bring them closer to him. Amen.

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