Going Back (the title is provisory)

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This is my first attempt to write a whodunnit, crime and mystery sort of novel... I've only got as far as a few lines, but if you think it's interesting enough, I'll go on... :)

Going Back


Blink! Blink! The light burned his eyes the very minute he opened them. It was too strong, too sudden, and too close to him. Almost unknown, for he hadn’t felt that in quite a long time. Memories from when he was a child started to slowly come back to him. First, the warm feeling on his cheek, then something like a tickle in his right arm, and at last the sound of a woman’s voice. A sound as soft and friendly as light itself:
- Hello, she said.
He opened his mouth to say hello back, but she shushed him with her right index against her full, beautiful lips, which stretched into the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.
He wondered who she was, and why she seemed so familiar. He was sure he’d seen her some place before.
- I’m not supposed to be here, she whispered, but I tricked them and slipped in. I had to see you. Oh, I’ve been so worried!
He decided instantly that he liked her and was glad she worried about him, although he didn’t know why.
- I can’t stay long low, but we need to talk. I’ll be back at midnight.
She disappeared just as smoothly as she had entered the room just a few minutes before, leaving a fresh scent behind. Mystery! He closed back his eyes and concentrated: colourful circles and spots formed before his eyes. He had to try harder. The last thing he remembered was going to The Red Fox, to meet with a client. He was sitting at his regular table, enjoying his drink and a cigarette, when… that’s her, that’s the woman from the bar. She sat down at his table, looking worried and in a hurry, and asked him to take her out of there. That’s something a man like him cannot refuse to an attractive woman like her. So they got up to leave, but there were some gunshots, a black Volvo and … blank.
Who the hell were these people and how did he become involved?
So many questions… and his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier… I’ve got to find out... I’ve got to get out of here…

(to be continued)


Gun Shots, Mystery, Red-Headed Woman

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author avatar Songbird B
22nd Oct 2011 (#)

This sets a really interesting scene, Ella.. You have caught my interest my friend with the start of your short story..

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author avatar Ella
23rd Oct 2011 (#)

Thanks, Songbird, I'll try to figure out a story line as soon as I have some time... :)

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