Going back (part 2)

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This is a sequel to the Going Back story I started a while ago. The mystery of the two characters begins to reveal itself... stay tuned. :)

Going Back (2)

The ocean waves were breaking against his bare feet and the sun was warming his tanned skin. Dancing tunes were coming from somewhere in the distance, and a beautiful woman handed him an umbrella cocktail, then started massaging his shoulders. “Ah, life is beautiful! Hmmm… yeah…. what?! no… what?!!!”
A strong hand grasping his arm interrupted his dream. The dim light of the moon scattered the darkness in his room just enough to see who was awaking him in the middle of the night. It was her again.
- Come! Can you move? I figured out a way to get us out of here.
Once again this mysterious woman was barging into his life, turning it upside down. And once again, he gave in to her will, powerless to her charm.
His shoulder hurt like hell as he tried to stand up. But despite her slim, gracious figure, she was strong and he felt he could lean on her to walk, at least until he recovered his strength.
- What’s…
- SHHH!!! Wait until we get outside.
She motioned him to the door and then, making sure no one was waiting for them in the hallway, helped him to the staircase. It was an old mansion, by the look of it, clearly belonging to some reach family. His mind began to clear and register all the details he was seeing with an easiness that surprised him. They reached the studio, with an old fashioned desk in the middle of it and walls covered with bookcases. The red-headed woman pushed a hidden button behind a book and a door opened to a secret passage. It was like in the movies or the whodunits, but he somehow felt he belonged there.
The cold air that came through the tunnel, the distant, stifled sound and the fresh smell meant there was water close by.
- The Ocean! Where are we? Who are you? And what in God’s name is going on?
- Slow down! Don’t you remember me? My name is Isabella Beck and I’m a journalist. I called you because I needed your help. We were supposed to meet last night, at the Red Fox, but things got kinda ugly. And, you know the rest...
- Isabella Beck… yes, I remember now. You called my office yesterday afternoon. You said you needed a private eye, but you were very secretive on the phone, wouldn’t tell me what it was all about. Ya think a bullet in my shoulder’s gonna do the trick?
- Mr Duncan, please… I’m very sorry you got hurt. I wish I didn’t get you involved in this, but you see… you would’ve found out sooner or later. I figured sooner was better.
- Found out what?
- Well…

(to be continued)


Bullet, Escape, Mysterious Woman, Private Eye, Secret Passage

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14th Nov 2011 (#)

Ooh, talk about leaving it on a knife edge, Ella...lol..

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