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I have in my mind the pros and cons of the going to the doctor. If you are healthy and feeling fit a doctor will not agree with you.

Doctors and Hospitals

I knew the pros and cons of the going to the doctor but it was my health which took me to the doctor. If you think that you are healthy and fit and go to a doctor for routine check up ,the doctor will not agree with you. He will tell you some of the remotest possible hazards which you can face in future life because with him It is the fee that matters. As far as the government owned hospitals are concerned, they are not concerned to the pains and pangs of the ill people. They are some separate kind of entity devoid of mercy and sympathy. If you think me wrong visit a government hospital !
In spite of having such a deep knowledge of the doctors and hospitals, I was obliged to see a doctor. I was feeling restlessness .Most of the time I used to take medicine without counseling but God knows better why I decided the opposite that night. Perhaps it was my worst day or it was a nightmare.
It was a government run hospital which was the nearest to approach.I hurried towards it and reached the gate. There I was stopped and searched by some queer looking security guards. on my agitation over the undue obstacle a man told me that it was necessary to maintain security.He introduced himself as the inspector . The odd time of night is not the ideal time to enter a hospital he yelled at me also. I was searched and cleared,to go to the emergency.
I went to the emergency. There was a strange world of calm and quietness. The nurses, both male and females, were lingering and prowling on the chairs. I tapped the tables of more than two to show my presence. There was an age old nurse who was hired by the young nurse to work as her alternate, motioned me with half shut eyes.Although it was ambiguous motion yet i went to the next room. I went there. My restlessness has changed into curiosity now. The man present there was a fluffy fat person who was also in dizziness. I requested him to tell me about the doctor. He wrote my name and other things about me and gave me a chit but without rising from his sleeping position. He signaled towards the next corridor. I went there and knocked at a door where there was written the name of Mr. Doctor. After a while the door opened and a half naked nurse went out sharply and the doctor put on his coat and ….?He asked me to sit down before him. I sat on the wooden chair. He brought out the stethoscope from somewhere and put it on my chest. He felt my pulse which was somewhat fast now. He examined my throat and back and asked me to walk a few steps before him. You are in serious condition now and need emergency services at once. He surprised me with his remarks. You know that I am not feeling well at this time. My stamina is not letting me to stand up and check you more keenly but I suggest this medicine for you. He wrote some medicine and handed over me the piece of paper .I got up but the doctor was gone full asleep till then in a few moments. He did not know that I was there. I looked with awe towards the doctor and returned to the pharmacy. There was nobody there. I have made up my mind to do something for the doctor and the hospital. I searched for the fire alarms and found them easily. I rang the alarm and slipped away from the spot. I was getting out of the hospital when there was a hue and cry behind me. Everybody in the hospital was alert now. The security team which has searched me a while before was not there. I was astonished but thought there would be a shift change. I went to the medical store to purchase the medicine. The store keeper packed the medicine in an envelope and demanded money. I went to my inner pocket but nothing was there. My pocket book, my cards and mobile phone were not in my pockets. I caught a brain wave and concluded that it was security which has cleared me from a lot of things


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author avatar M G Singh
2nd Dec 2012 (#)

Nice post

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Dec 2012 (#)

Looks more like nightmare, Akram! siva

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author avatar akram saqib
4th Dec 2012 (#)

thanks for comments

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author avatar Terry Trainor
9th Dec 2012 (#)

A very interesting post thank you.

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author avatar karasiwo23
16th Dec 2012 (#)

nicely written , thanks for sharing a interesting post

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