Going to school the sardine way

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Well, now life has to go on, as life does not wait for you to stop and get used to being in completely new surroundings. But, we're ready for it and shall greet it with confidence!

Going to school the sardine way

Well, we've had the week-end to acclimatize to our new environment, including the lady servant who smells so strongly of smoke and barbeque, and Mr. Specter, the gardener. They both have been here with the previous owner of the estate, Lady Irene Benedict, and now we have inherited them with the place.

We have also brought our maid, Lisa, whom we had in the city along. She's not sure she's going to like it here; she wants to be in the city where there are other people. But she'll give it a go.

The smoke-scented maid comes in on Sunday mornings too, something which Lisa never did. According to Father and Mother, it's wrong to work on Sundays as that is a day of rest that we inherited from God.

Come Monday morning, it's the first time we have to drive all this distance to school. Father is still uncertain about how long it would actually take to get us all ready in the morning and to school in time. So to be safe, he wakes us up tremendously early and we rush to get ready for school, and Father for work.

All of us four kids - Petros, Elmarie, Harrison and me - plus Father, all have to squeeze into the cabin of the truck Father got for driving around in, as all these distances and dirt roads would be too costly to drive with our usual expensive cars. This cream colored light brownish truck will be the vehicle for daily usage.

Well, we didn't think we'd all fit onto a seat built for two people, but we do - Father sits in the driving seat, then next to him sits Harrison with his legs on either side of the gear stick, then sits Elmarie next to him, then sits Petros next to the door, and then I sit on Petros.

So, this is what sardines feel like going to school? Neat.

We arrive at school the earliest we've ever been. There's so much time before school starts, we don't really know what to do. Petros and Elmarie of course are in high school and Harrison and I go to another primary school.

Over the next few ways, we don't get up quite that early in the morning. In fact, it doesn't take long before we're in the habit of arriving at school far too late. But, we'll get the hang of it yet.


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author avatar Michelle Stanley
17th Oct 2013 (#)

I remember taking a bus that kids dubbed :Hog Trough." The owner would pack so many kids into the bus, that we scarcely had room to move and breathe. I eventually refused to go on the bus, so my parents took me to school. This is a good write. Michelle

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