Gold Fever

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This short story is about 10 million dollars in gold stolen in 1875 ,and never being found 2 men think they know where the gold is hidden it may cost them there lives trying to find the gold.

Gold Fever

In a grave in the farthest part of Luke-us Cemetery there holds an deadly secret that may hide the secret to where the 10 million in gold is hidden. Buried someplace no one has been able to find since 1875.When 10 million dollars in gold was stolen from the Deadwood bank. In today's gold prices it would be worth a lot more then 10 million dollars.A grave in the farthest part of the cemetery the gave marker name on it just says unknown but the person in the grave was buried the same time the gold was stolen.The bank robbers who stole the gold swung from the gallows with a rope around there neck they payed for there murdering ,and stealing lives.They never told anyone where the gold was just evidence that was gathered together in 1875 the gold was suppose to be hidden some where in the area of Deadwood .The decedents of Miles Smith owner of the Deadwood bank filed bankruptcy in 1895 are the rightful owners by law of the gold if ever found.Treasure hunters came by the thousands every year looking for the gold but never finding it or any clues to it's where a bouts.Now with the discovery of the grave marked unknown was being carefully dug up by treasure hunters there names were John Davis ,and Harry Deep.All they found was skeletal remains ,and some dirt that smelled like a rotten corpse.But it held a horrifying secret for the treasure hunters. The skeletal remains were buried in the grave again this time it was to rest in peace.Within 2 weeks after the skeletal remains were buried again the treasure hunters John Davis ,and Harry Deep became very ill with a sickness that seemed similar to the deadly smallpox that killed thousands in the 1800's and entire towns that became ghost towns.Within 2 weeks both men were near death a month after the grave was dug up both men were dead. There body's were cremated ,and the ground around the grave was cleaned up by the state health department.

The mystery lived on where was the gold as the mayor told the people of Deadwood that there was nothing to worry about the ground around the grave marked unknown was cleaned up ,and no chance of anyone else getting sick. The towns people felt a lot better knowing there wasn't a chance of a disease breaking out possible killing thousands again. As years went by Joe Hackles 9 year old son was playing behind the barn on there farm When Joe went to get his son he was missing he called to him he herd him answer it sounded like an echo Joe seined a small opening in the ground he heard his son calling for him the rain washed away a lot of the soil the ground turned week ,and Joe's sons weight made the ground to cave in opening an entrance to a cave. Joe dug the ground away from the opening making it big enough to put a ladder in to go and get his son. As Joe went down into the cave he heard his son calling to him as he shined a flashlight in the cave he found his son unhurt.He also was shocked to find the stolen gold.As Joe carried his son up the latter ,and out of the cave he called the police told them he found the stolen gold no one at the police station believed Joe in-till the police came ,and went down into the cave all of the gold was there. The police after days of reporters taking photographs the excitement was over the gold was rightfully returned to Miles Smith relatives who gave Joe a1.5 million dollar reward the gold was worth a lot more then 10 million dollars that is how much it was worth when it was stolen in 1875.

But why did every body always look in the cemetery it turned out that time caused damage to the only evidence they had Documents that after years went by the writing faded away someone in 1957 who couldn't spell to good went over the writing ,and misspelled the word as grave instead of cave. A spelling mistake that cost 2 men there lives,and now the towns people were at ease over a fortune in gold that was returned to the rightful owners this time instead of starting a bank they would sell the gold for the highest price ,and put the money in a bank.Instead of starting a bank like Miles Davis did.


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Very well written. Thanks for sharing.

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