Good bye Cape Town

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And now, the end is near, and so we pack, our bags for certain. My city, you shall stay behind, you cannot come with me, because you're a city and you're immovable. I've lived, my life while I was here, breathing the air, and eating food yeah, but most of all, I did it whichever way was affordable at the time.

Filming ocean footage

The first morning in Cape Town, Mother and I went out to the beach to film the sea for our children's movie. Our cat character, Whiskers, will be a sea captain who sails on the seas, and we need the footage of the sea to be in the background.

It certainly was beautiful, though misty, the first morning. We got really great footage for a foggy day.

However, since then, every morning I just basically stand in Mother's room and film through the open window, as we can see the sea and the ships and the seabirds and everything from the window. I probably filmed about an hour's footage altogether of different angles of different times of the sea. The sunset over the sea I filmed one day is probably most beautiful of all, although we need the sea filmed at many different times of the day too.

No children around apparently equals bliss

Today, Mother and I decide to go get the key to the car from Elmarie. She can stay home and work, since her children went to school today. Mother and I will go to Canal Walk shopping centre by ourselves today.

We enjoy it, and though we don't hate having the kids around, it certainly is much calmer and more peaceful and enjoyable to have the day out without them always trying their darndest to take over and work on our nerves.

At Mr. Price Home, there was yesterday a horse's head carved out of wood, that I thought of buying. But today, they're sold out.

I also exchanged a jacket I bought the other day.

Then Mother and I have tea in comfortable single sofa chairs at one of the open restaurants. It's wonderful to relax in one of those chairs while we can actually talk and have a conversation, without the kids always butting in. We do wish we could have had Elmarie with us though. We haven't had a decent conversation with her all the time we've been in the Cape.

Car scares me

Alas, it's time to go home to Nautilus Rock. Mother wants me to drive home, as she drove us when we came.

Good grief, a simple thing like driving back home turns out to be quite a tall order. This beat-up BMW of Petros', doesn't have the feel of any BMW I've ever driven. I'm used to a BMW being all smooth with the gear changes and the clutch and the pedals, but this one is very difficult to become used to driving. The grip of the clutch and the petrol pedal's feel is all wrong! It's a miracle I get us safely back home to Nautilus Rock.

Linux shall rule the earth

We walk past Elmarie's apartment and Mother of course makes a stop there. Oh dear, Elmarie is in tears. Her kids have been driving her insane all afternoon. Petros is also there fixing her computer and installing Linux on it. He installs Linux on all computers he "fixes", because he believes in Linux. Apparently it's completely free OpenSource operating system software. He also installed it some time ago on our computer back home, but not everything I want to use is compatible with it.

However, this "fixing" of her computer has been taking all day and she hasn't gotten any work done, while the kids have driven her insane with desperation.

Well, Mother tells Elmarie to come with us to our apartment for a while so she can just get herself together there, but Elmarie refuses. She wants to stay here and ... whatever. We have to leave her like that.

When Petros, who's arrived since last night to come sleep over in our apartment, comes in, he also goes on about how Stingley Jr. is so darn naughty. Stingley Jr. simply won't listen and be deliberately difficult.

"I would tell him to take that paper to draw on, then he just tells me 'no!'", Petros complains.

Obesity is a disease

"You've already lost a lot of weight!", Petros says to me at some point, as he's always focused on how fat people are.

I'm afraid we can't say the same to Petros. In fact, things are a little serious with him; he's becoming really, really, REALLY fat now. If we thought he was fat before, he's really packing on the pounds even more so now.

Jews hire programmers to get rich

Anyway, Petros went to see people today who approached him. They must have seen him on the University where he's studying's website, and approached him as they are looking for programmers.

It's a bunch of Jews who are planning something like Facebook and Groupon combined; a social site where one can get extra benefits from.

Petros tells us that they have rows of computers with guys with kippas on sitting there, and also that he believes these guys are going to be stinking rich very soon off of their plan.

As for the plan itself and its details, he can't share too much with us as he had to sign an undisclosure form.

However, he is considering working for them, but he'll see. We don't really know Petros as somebody who will work for anyone, and we don't believe he'll work for these guys either. But he does seem to be playing around with the idea. They're not offering him money; instead they want him to make his price and they'll decide about whether they want to hire him.

Last goodbyes and going home

Next morning, we finally go out with Elmarie alone, without the kids, as the kids are now in school and daycare.

It's weird to finally have Elmarie available to talk to us, and frankly, it seems we barely can have a conversation with her now, as it almost feels weird. We're so used to not being able to say anything to her.

We have a scrumptious breakfast, though Elmarie can only eat a poached egg on toast, as her stomache has a thing.

Later, we go pick up the kids in front of Nautilus Rock, where another woman drops them. We go to the airport.

Well, I guess this is it - our stay in Cape Town is over. We say a quick goodbye in the car in the drop-off.

This time the plane is quite full.

Arriving back at Lanseria, Mother can't find the parking ticket. It takes a while for her to find it in her handbag.

Then, we almost can't find the car. Mother led us, until finally she gets us to a car that isn't even ours. Fortunately from there, I spotted more parking roofs where I'm sure our car is, and it is. We walked quite a long distance to it, as we didn't make use of a shuttle this time.

Yep, there's our car, safe and sound. We drive out of the parking space, but Mother takes a wrong turn and we go right back to the terminals. We turn around again and finally find our way home.

It's been a wonderful vacation. We first were quite irritated and annoyed by Elmarie's kids, but perhaps only the first day. From there on, they were slightly better. Mother and I had recommended once again that Elmarie watches Nanny 911 on TV, just for some tips. Mother saw it yesterday with me and was quite impressed, so this morning when we went out to breakfast she did tell Elmarie about it.

Elmarie of course said she knows all those things, but in practise it's basically impossible to do it, because things just don't work out that way. I guess she'll just have to learn for herself then I guess.

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