Goodbye Bubblews: Of Passion, Art, and Money

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It was a roller-coaster ride with Bubblews full of great memories and heartaches. Now that it is dead, I am saying my final farewell

Goodbyes are not forever

He had a vision but the vision did not materialize.

As I open the website, I had a mixed emotion. Bubblews is gone and there is no way to bring it to life. Some say it was a SCAM, a Ponzi scheme, while others believe it was just a business which did not make it thought. I, I personally don’t care. It was a community and I have learned tons of things.

A year ago, the website was consistent on their paying scheme. I actually received my monthly redemption for more than a year without delay. Then, suddenly the system faltered; from errors, glitches and unpaid redemption the website struggle to survive.

Bubblews received countless claims of unpaid redemption and worst criticisms when the payment scheme was drastically reduced. The number of unpaid writers rose beyond imagination. Most of those writers fled to other writing sites while some remain with the hope of getting paid.

Probably some of the writers were right on saying it was a scam or possibly it was just part of their baseless conclusion since the site had to close. I do not know. Before, I was angry for not getting my redemption on the later part of the site’s life. I have read that the business model was unsuccessful which could be real or just an excuse. Monetary reward was one of the motivations of most writers; so when it falter on that aspect, all made their conclusion right away.

The accusations could be real but could also be a unfounded one. I find Bubblews both a success and a failure-- Failure in the sense that it did not deliver the monetary the financial promise for every writer. But was it a scam? I can’t tell. First it did not ask any money from the writers. Second, everyone has the option to join, write or just walk away.

Bubblews is dead and there’s nothing I can do about it. Will I rant about it like a cry baby?; Probably no because that won’t change a thing. I had my great days with the site where I experience and explore my possibilities as a writer. I have learned many ideas, concepts, and things from other writers. I have embraced difference and other cultures as well. I have also enjoyed a decent pay when the site was still up and doing fine. Bubblews gave me an opportunity to see the world beyond my circles as I have developed friendships and connection which continue to inspire me today.

If I am a writer with the primary mindset of making money, I would probably rant and whine like a loser and proclaim to the world how Bubblews manage to fall apart. But I want to see things on the other side. Bubblews was a platform where I express my thoughts, a vehicle to expressly share my mind with freedom. Writing is a craft, an art which money couldn’t buy. The payout for me was a bonus and not the main reason or purpose for every piece I contributed. Bubblews gave me that chance to be the writer I could be and I think it is fair enough that I give a little credit to the site for that.

Bubblews maybe dead but I will continue what I have started and that’s to express my thoughts regardless of the pay; after all I think that’s the real soul of writing.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Nov 2015 (#)

Thanks for your frank take. It is like the jobs I have had. I do not regret my times anywhere as it was my choice to work at that time.

I think the business model was based more on better things to come but situation would have deteriorated beyond redemption.

I was not there but I know the feelings as I was earlier with two other sites - YCN too closed shop - siva

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author avatar Marcus Writes
18th Nov 2015 (#)

That's true. It's also time to move one

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
18th Nov 2015 (#)

I made come money from the site, But I knew a long time age that Bubblews would have a very limited future. It burned bright for a while, but it allowed too many low quality posts to be published, then got into payment difficulties because the site was incorrectly moderated.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
2nd Oct 2017 (#)

SPAM Comment deleted.

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