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Explores how people often look at other people's lifestyles, wealth and possessions with envy. It then looks at life from the opposite side and explores all their problems as well.

Choose to work with what you have

I used to complain every time I had it bad,
I looked at the rich and mighty and it made me mad.
People around seemed to cruise through life without even trying,
They're at ease, whether frying, braaing or buying.
All that left me wondering why I couldn't be rich,
I was accustomed to pulling myself out of a ditch.

From a distance I cursed at those precision suits and ties,
I hated to see them dine with expensive wines and delicious pies.
As I got close to them I could get the smell of genuine leather,
I once tried to damage the car but that was like hammering metal with a feather.
They didn't care for those who were unhappy or broke,
Often passing a comment or cracking a joke.

Upon first glance they always seemed so smug,
Always smiling almost like they were on some kind of magic drug.
Their clothes always sparkle like it never touched a speck of dust,
And the metal on their watches and cars never seem to rust.
It's really annoying how they always think they're the best,
Wish I could give them an unachievable test.

I now know I may have been a little unjust,
Still can't believe how I screamed and fussed.
Each of us have our own hard times,
Sometimes even being reduced to mimes.
Yes, I was a little unfair,
Who knows what hardships they have to bear?

Having extra doesn't always mean being better off,
Not even money can cure TB's evil cough.
Furthermore there is somethinlg deep down that I knew,
Even for the rich and famous things don't always go on cue.
The rich are more likely targets of crime,
So they don't necessarily get to spend their money all the time.

As for their suits and ties, who said they were comfortable and well held,
More than likely the rich had to smile because they were compelled.
They need their clothes to sparkle to appear at their best,
In trying to impress their many clients they don't even get a rest.
Their cars have to be expensive to never be victims of the rain,
To be a professional executive is a strain on the brain.

On second thoughts I have such a simple life,
Unlike rich folk I don't go through any strife.
There is nobody I need to impress,
My job doesn't yell at me how I should dress.
My car doesn't weigh on my shoulders, for it is simple and cheap,
I don't need to look at the spilt coffee on my clothes and start to weep.
When I look at my life from that angle I start to smile,
There is nothing to complain about because I enjoy each mile.

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