Grateful Tears

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The sweet feeling of knowing herself free from a very dark past, made a young woman shed a few tears of happiness.

Tears...(but not of sadness)

A little tear fell from her dark brown eyes
It was too strong to handle it…
It was too real to try to deny it…
Those were some heartfelt cries.

It was a feeling too big to hide it,
It filled every inch of her soul
There was no use in denying it,
That feeling wanted to take control.

Those salty tears kept falling down,
Washing the sadness off her heart
Once fearful of being left to drown
Before its life had a chance to start.

But dark sadness wasn´t present
Deep Inside her bright mind,
Nor the tears were something unpleasant;
They were like a freedom-filled wind

Gentle and sweetly movement,
Shaking her inner self,
Clearing the murky confusion,
That stole the faith in herself.

Who said all the tears came from hurt?
Some of those originated in happiness,
They were sweet from the very start,
Lightening up a life filled with only emptiness

“Thank you! Really, thank you!”
She whispered so quietly.
Thanking life for the chance to start anew,
Without hearing the opinions of the society.

Her tears were very grateful,
Thanking life for a new chance
To forget everything painful.
Yes, it was a time to dance!
Joyful tears cleaned the pain
Of a dark-infused past.
She was free from that pain!
She was free at last!

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author avatar LOVERME
15th Dec 2014 (#)

be brave never crave then alone u urself can save

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
15th Dec 2014 (#)

lovely...thank you...

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author avatar tafmona
15th Dec 2014 (#)

wow, these are the best tears one can ever shed

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author avatar PJ Dorantes
15th Dec 2014 (#)


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
15th Dec 2014 (#)

Nice poem!

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author avatar PJ Dorantes
15th Dec 2014 (#)


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