Great Music to Listen to While Studying

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The article describes different types of music, and when it's better to listen.

Great Music to Listen to While Studying

While the idea of studying in silence may seem ideal, the fact is that silence can be distracting. Every little noise echoes when the room is silent, which can make you a little paranoid if you’re a scaredy cat like me. For those of you looking to kill the silence, there is an array of music available to tone out the quietness and still allow you to study. Here are a few options to consider the next time you study for your online degree programs.
I can hear you groaning now, but bear with me. Classical music CAN be enjoyable to listen to if you search for it long enough. It may not have the ever-so-enthralling lyrics of “Baby Got Back” or the amazing instrumentals of “The Thong Song,” but this music can provide the perfect background noise for your studying needs. It’s upbeat yet soft at the same time, and it rarely has lyrics for your ears to tune into. That leaves your ears ready to hear you read your textbooks out loud like a bedtime story. Wait, I’m probably the only one that does that…
Trance music is a form of techno that is really easy to listen to. It has soft, consistent beats that will make you bop your head up and down without breaking out into a full blown head bang. Most trance music is made over in Europe, which can actually work in your favor. That means that you likely won’t understand any of the words in the lyrics (if there are lyrics), so you won’t be tempted to sing along. I still sing along when I don’t know the words though, no matter how much it hurts my husband’s ears to butcher other languages. I wouldn’t recommend it.
Foreign Music
Listen to songs in languages you don’t understand. This will prevent you from mixing the lyrics with the words you’re reading. The last thing you need is to answer a test question with lyrics from “Ice Ice Baby.” Your professors won’t be too thrilled. Latin and Italian music is great for studying because of the instruments used for it and the overall sound of the languages. Do a quick search for groups like Il Divo and Il Volo. You might like what you hear.
Nature Sounds
While nature may not be considered “music,” it can be great to listen to when you study. Waterfalls, bubbling brooks, rainforest animals, and other sounds like that could be soothing enough for you to study to. You can download all kinds of music like this, or you could buy a $2 CD of it at Walmart. It’s up to you.
Creating the perfect study environment starts with setting the tone for the space. Put the pop, rock, metal, and hip hop away for a few hours and let your ears hear something a little better for your cramming needs. With the right sounds in place, you should easily ace your test in the morning.


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