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I often find myself dreaming of accomplishing amazing feats and wonders, and part of me wonders whether or not that is a good thing. These are my thoughts.

Do I Want To Be Great?

Do I Want To Be Great?
I want to be great
I want to change this world into the one I see in my dreams
The world where there isn’t pain and sorrow
Death and dishonesty
Where there isn’t a boy crying on the street, starving
With his mother selling her body to demons and devils so he can be fed
I hate it. It makes me sick
I was raised in luxury and grandeur
I have traveled the globe
I have been to Paris
I have seen the pyramids
These things are wondrous; they are a testament to mankind’s greatness
Yet that boy isn’t great and neither is his mother
His mother is a prostitute and her son won’t live past the age of seven
So do I want to be great?
I don’t want to create monuments that reach the skies
I don’t want to be remembered by the world when I die
I want that child to grow up with food on the table, and not to look at every meal that he eats with disgust because he knows what his mother had to do to provide it.
I want that woman to live in a world where men see her as a human being rather than a twisted toy with which they can play to satisfy their filthy, evil desires
No, I don’t want to be great
Greatness means standing by while these atrocities continue so that I can be admired
Jesus wasn’t great; he is to be pitied above all men
He was a servant that was willing to die for all of us.
He died for the prostitute, the whore
He died for the starved child that lay dead in the streets
That isn’t grace though
No, I would die for them too if it meant their salvation.
But there is no way in hell that I’d die for the people who walked by that boy as he decayed from starvation and gave him no food
I would never die for the men that were so degenerate and self-centered that they would steal a single mother’s dignity and humanity in order for a few minutes of disturbed pleasure
But, Jesus did
He did.
Jesus is King
He is Christ
Yet, he isn’t great.
No, he was a servant and a physician
He came to give that child and his mother living bread and water
He came to cure humankind of our evil depravities
He came to save.
So do I want to be great?
I want to be like Jesus.

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