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This short story is about a man who's greed finally caught up with him.


A dark isolated part of the Hallo Ridge cemetery there lies the grave of Albert Walsh the man that he was greed took him to his death. Not once but twice as greedy he became Albert soled stuff that was thrown out in the garbage but Albert believed that old saying "One persons garbage is another mans treasure"he had his money a thieving man he was ,and in his grave that's in the part of the cemetery no one goes near.One time Albert sold a man Avery large amount of stolen jewelery but Albert didn't care he lied his way out of all his troubles.The police could never put Albert away. Money was everything to Albert soon after Ailbert's son turned 12 his wife divorced him .He hated the thought of having to pay money to his wife specially when they were divorced.Albert told the court that they must be crazy why should" I pay her money when I'm not married to her". He would have to pay till his son turned 18 years old.Albert went into rage when he was told the police quieted him down telling him he would be fined for disorderly conduct if he didn't quiet down.Albert thought the whole city was full of fools. An idiot they are I'll pay till my son's 18 years but that bitch will be in her grave very soon, and I'll see to that. No one makes me look like an idiot specially when this city is full fools.Albert had a plan in his head for soon she would be dead.Albert knew he wouldn't be paying her any money any more money soon. He would make it look like an accident her death was planned. All Albert had to do now was wait for the right time ,and she would be dead. Time ,and time again Albert knew when she was gone he would not have to pay her anymore money it gave Albert a happy feeling as heartless as he was. It was time for Albert to put his plan to work.

Albert sent her some flowers,and her favorite chocolate candy with a little poison from a deadly spider she would soon be gone. Albert put the poison in the chocolate candy for she would have her last sweet piece of chocolate before dieing.As Albert went to visit her the next day thinking he would find her dead.Albert was shocked to find her alive Ailbert's eyes opened wide when she came to the door. The candy did you enjoy it she told Albert she was saving it for tonight.Why not eat some now he said to her maybe in a little while Albert I'll make you a drink Albert. Albert enjoyed his drink he said to her it went down smooth what was it something I thought you would like on a hot day like today the milkshake was good but was it fudge or some other dam drink.Fudge ,and chocolate Albert I'll make you another no need to just give me a some chocolate ice cream. I don't have ice cream then where did you get the chocolate from did you use it all.I never had ice cream the blender I put in some of the chocolate candy you gave me. WHAT you you bitch Albert fell to his knees asking for help but no one knew of the poison but Albert he died on his way to the hospital his last words were she poisoned me.Ailbert's grave is in a isolated part of the cemetery lies Ailbert's grave the greedy man he was greed took him to his death.


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