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The forest guard once saw an artisan working with ivory. The guard was pleased to see the art work. He appreciated the artisan's carvings.

The short elephant returned to the forest

A forest guard missed the path in the forest. It was night. He feared that some animal is chasing him. But he saw the short elephant and found that it was gentle.

The elephant started speaking.
`Why do you fear? Do you want any help from me?' the elephant asked.
The guard fearlessly said that he has to go to Kurnool and he has missed the route.
`Is it so? You come with me. I shall show you the path.' the elephant said.
It was dark night. The elephant too the guard to his cave and gave him some fruits for eat. The guard ate all these and split.

In the morning the elephant took bath in the river.
`Elephant! You are lucky. You are in the forest. Where as we people have to work hard to live' the guard said.
The elephant took the guard on his back and marched to Kurnool. The guard watch Kurnool with the help of the elephant.
`Oh man! I have brought you to Kurnool. But after you enter the city do not tell anybody about me. Keep it secret. Understand?' the elephant said.
The guard agreed. The short elephant returned to the forest.

Few days passed. The forest guard once saw an artisan working with ivory. The guard was pleased to see the art work. He appreciated the artisan's carvings.
`Oh! It is not a good work. If I get ivory of a living elephant, I can carve still beautiful idols. The artisan replied. He also said that such ivory piece in costlier.
The guard became greedy. He immediately went to the forest in search of the short of the white elephant. He saw the elephant.

`Why are you so dull? Are you not in good health?' the elephant asked.
`What can I say? i am in difficulty, I need an ivory piece. Will you please give me and protect?' he asked.

`Oh! Is it so? I shall give you two ivory pieces. If you have a tool you can cut and he cut the ivory and went to the market. He sold it. He got sufficient money. He bought clothes and ornaments.

In the night he couldn't sleep well. He thought it would be still better if the whole ivory is cut. He decided to go next day to the forest.

The next day he went to the forest. The short elephant was taking rest.

Oh! Elephant. I have huge loan. Give me the ivory. I shall repay the loan and be happy' he said.

The elephant didn't say no. The guard cut the entire ivory of the elephant. The elephant was miserable. It pained him very much. He fell on the ground.

The guard didn't speak of the elephant. He simply marched towards Kurnool. But suddenly there was a fire in the forest. The guard was burnt into ashes. His greediness ended his life.

The elephant spent of his life in the forest of the Western Ghats near the temple of Lord Ayyappan Swamy.


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author avatar peachpurple
1st Oct 2015 (#)

A very good story to tell the hunters and poachers what retribution is all about

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
1st Oct 2015 (#)

Awesome story!

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