Grief of death

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There has been loss among many and these writings are inspired by that.


grief is a peculiar thing
yet has many stages
some grieve for days
others weeks
many months
and more years
as the time passes the calls stop
the flowers die
the cards boxed up
but the pain of the loss is still vivid
as if it happened yesterday

embrace everything
learn from it
grow from it
and understand everything has a purpose

keep moving forward
no matter how fast
those who are true will never
be too far away
even if its just a prayer

To My Cousin

death tends to bring forth the truth
it is called real life
aka reality check
you see clearly who people are
where their true standing is
or better yet watch some exit stage left
you feel the pain of them not backing up
all the promises made
you feel the betrayal of being a rock for them
and left gasping for air looking for
something to hold onto
the tears sting your face as they list all the
reasons why death is hard for them
and that list is why they can't be there
all you truly yearn for is truth --- realness
people being themselves
not the fake them
the fake them will fail every time
it causes the pain to hurt more
sometimes lashing out to the few
who love and understand
fills the void
but sometimes if its their loss to
they eventually walk away as well
because the care of those
who don't care is greater
without realizing it
you appreciate those who don't
deserve it
and under appreciate those who do

the day of silence comes
stillness that can be cut with a knife
you begin to see, feel, and hear
the love
the love that was always there
a peace begins to take over
you still feel the loss BUT
your stronger
your more hopeful
your eyes remain open
but your heart may be guarded
but you moved to the next stage of grief

one day will come acceptance
but on that journey
you learn
you grow
you love
you do better
you appreciate more
and the best part is
you accept people for people
accept what they bring
and what they take away
a smile creeps up on your face
when you realize just how far
you come
and you see the purpose
the whole picture
the love
the love that made you
that they never left you
for a moment
they (and they know who they are) were always
there with a hug, kiss, note
or just holding your hand
saying a quiet prayer in their closet
(and I'm not speaking of just flesh either)
baby, love always survives
when it is pure and true


Death, Grief, Love, Missing You

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I jot down life experiences of my own and those around me in the form of poems or narratives.

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