Growing Up

Glenn Maluchnik By Glenn Maluchnik, 20th Jul 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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This poem is about children growing to teenagers,and some special times teenagers have. Your teenagers put you to the test with that pest dog.

Growing Up

Children sleeping through the night.
Staying safe from a nightmare of fright.
Calling there name time to wake up morning light keeps away the fright.
Sunbeams shine thru the windows letting in the morning light.
As children love all the seasons summer,fall,winter or spring.
Time to play all year round.
Summer vacation schools out.
Children grow up fast a blast of summer fun.
As children go through there preteen years.
Before you know it there on there first date.
As parents make clear the rules to there teenagers.
Before you know it there going to there first school dance.
As they take a chance ,and get there first kiss.
From a young miss who gets her dance with a young boy.
Teenage years give some parents gray hairs.
As they are put to the test.
By there teenagers,and that pest dog.
Who loves to make a mess in your just cleaned home.
Your children tell you his name is rover ,and he's not a pest he's my dog.
The door bell rings.
The neighbor complains.
Rover went over ,and dug holes in there garden.
You call your teenager he's out on a date.
With a girl name Kate.
Your neighbor complains she wants the holes filled in ,and the garden fixed.
You reply my husband will be right over.
Your son will get it when he gets home.
The dog shouldn't be allowed to run loose in the neighborhood.
You decide to choose for your teenager to loose there allowance for a week or two.
Gray hairs to feel like your growing old.
It's part of being a parent.
Specially when it comes from the heart.


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I was born in New York State now in Pennsylvania U.S.A. Gradated 6/12 from Enterprise High School online I like to write poetry,short story' ,and lyrics. sometimes an articles

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author avatar Denise O
21st Jul 2012 (#)

A very touching poem. As a mother of two, I can so relate. My children are now 29 and 27 and I am a Gammy to my son's son (2 years old) and I know time goes by so fast and yes, I do have a few greys. I would not trade it all for a darn thing. Yes and dogs also. Very nice. Thank you for sharing.:)

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