Grown apart?

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Have you ever had that moment when you feel you don't have any connection point with one of your siblings? Not anymore anyway. I'm afraid I have...

Grown apart?

Elmarie is here during these times. She came so she can visit Father regularly with Mother and I.

On Sunday night, she decides to alter our Sunday night pizza eating arrangements a bit. Instead of just going out and eating pizza, she arranges that we order the pizza then go pick it up and then go eat it over at Harrison and Mary's house.

So we sit down in their living room. Mary tells me to put the pizza box with the two pizzas inside, down on the coffee table.

Next thing I see, Harrison and Mary's two little girls Angie and Lackra casually attack the box and start devouring the pizza like pigs.

And what really peeves me is that Angie eats one piece halfway, keeps holding it in her hand, and grabs another piece out of the box and starts munching on it like a pig without finishing the first piece first.

Mother and I are stunned, but know that telling Harrison and Mary, who see what's going on but don't care, to stop these children so we can all dish up a piece first, will just cause a fight, as they hate being told that their children are ill-behaved.

And so, the two children greedily finish one of the two pizzas all by themselves, while the five of us adults haven't even had anything yet.

What peeves me is that Lackra touches and picks up all the pieces of the second pizza too, then throwing it down until she picks one. Not to mention she picks off the topping off some other pieces and eats it with her spitty fingers that she touches more pieces with. It's gross.

Well, as much as I like Harrison, it finally dawns on me that perhaps we've grown apart now. This whole house is so... I don't know, but it doesn't feel welcoming and warm. They've got the best of everything and obviously very expensive things, but still the house doesn't feel warm and welcoming.

This is also not helped by Mother and Elmarie's finding of Mary to be rather unwelcoming.

Well whatever. I know Harrison doesn't mean to be unwelcoming but it does feel like their house and family are living their own lives now and it's not very inviting.

But anyway, maybe it's just sentiment talking. It's probably just what a house with two little children are like - the mother, especially if she's a working mother, is tired and short tempered and doesn't feel like catering to people, and the children absolutely take over the atmosphere entirely with their loudness and ill manners and wanting attention all the time. We love them but good grief. They should learn some manners too, and not just dive into the food and smear their spit-lubricated fingers all over it.



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