Grumpy Old Jewfish

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Goliath Grouper are one of the largest grouper on the planet! One of the largest specimens could suck a man in whole for dinner! In America, until not too long ago their name was "Jew Fish". That is what I was raised to call then and the name tends to stick with people my age and older.
When they get a hold of your bait good luck in the battle to get it back!

Grumpy Old Jewfish

“Who’s that there knockin at my door?!?” said the Jewfish through my rod with my drag as his roar!
Who put this food down here in my face?” as he turned through the pilings at a slow and steady pace.
“It was yours and now it’s mine”, I could feel him fray the line.
“This is my domain!”, I felt every mussel strain.
Then the line was cut in half, I thought I could hear him laugh.
Cause he’s large and in charge and bad intended

By Dan Dawson Sr
All Rights Reserved.

The "Jew Fish" now renamed the "Goliath Grouper" was hunted by spear fisherman to such a point that they were put on the endangered species list and have since been reduced to threatened. If you ever have the chance to dive with one or more, you will will lose your feeling of being at the top of the food chain. They are truly amazing! There are some who are trying, right now, to have the fishery opened back up.


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