Guitar Melody

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"A poignant reminiscence of a woman recalling how she lost her beloved, a man named Gary, who filled her soul with music and love. Now, elderly, lonely and depressed, she finds his guitar love melody returns one day in a surprising way to haunt her."

Guitar Melody

I have felt so miserable since his car hit the huge tree on the side of the road. It took his precious life away from me. I could not stop my flowing tears. For many hours and days my broken heart killed my desire to start a new life.

I saw the green grasses turned dry in the silent garden. No flowers bloomed, no angel sound of the birds, and no rainbow of butterflies cheered my heart any longer. The empty chair in my room was cold. I needed to get rid of it from my room; I was so scared and sad and angry.

I still could feel his lovely warm touch at that chair for the last time. His soft kissing was taking me to the real heaven that I never felt before, on that chair. But, it was his last kissing he gave to me and on that chair he hugged me; and I heard him whisper to my ears and felt his gentle lips tickle my cheek.

He promised that he would never leave me alone. We were so happy to welcome our great wedding day just three days ahead. It was so beautiful a day we had planned; to be a very special moment with so much love. I did not stop waving at him ‘til his car disappeared from my sight. It was my last wave to him. Now, I know I will never see him anymore. I only can see his guitar sitting comfortably on that chair he left for me in my room.

Since then, my dad became upset with me, because I told him that I wanted to marry with Gary’s guitar. He yelled that I have lost my mind and needed a psychiatrist. Then, without warning, he made Gary’s guitar disappear from that chair, taking it away when I was out. The first night with no guitar around in my room, I felt tragically saddened and insecure, and I could not close my eyes. But no tears could come any more; my eyes were dry from crying so much. Sorry Gary, I let your guitar be gone; no idea where my dad took it away.

One evening, over a silent midnight, I heard the sound of a guitar melody floating softly around my room. It played the love melody that I had heard from only one place before… Gary’s love guitar melody! I looked quickly to every corner of my room, but I saw nothing. I rushed to the window and I opened it wide; perhaps I could find him across from my window, back in my room. But I only saw the dark night without stars above the sky, and no golden moon between the black clouds. I saw the pines nod gently, following the rhythm of the guitar melody in the breeze.

The sound of the melody was filling my soul, and I recalled the time Gary and I were dancing at my birthday party. An angelic melody floated our love to the moon that night. Gary was beyond the stars now, but I could feel his warm breath and his loving heartbeat… and the smile! Only his smile could colour my heart. The memory stopped when I heard the guitar melody change, slowly becoming a sound like someone who was crying because of a broken heart. I began to feel uncomfortable and strange. The song’s sorrow sliced into my heart, and I could not hold it anymore.

Then, unexpectedly, I yelled to stop the weeping guitar. I closed my window hard, slamming it at the same time as the weeping guitar stopped its melancholy playing and I crept back under my purple blanket and I spoke to unseen Gary who, I believe, just came to see me here and play his loving guitar melody once more. It seemed he spoke to me that he would love me always. Yet, it only left me sadder.

- - - o - - -

Now, I am a seventy-seven-year-old lady, and I have lived a long time with my decision so long ago to never get married. My Doctor has spoken to me about my health condition, saying it has worsened. He said I am becoming diabetic. This is mostly because I kept an unhealthy lifestyle and drank too much alcohol in sorrow, living too much on the wild side. All that happened to me because I hated myself for what had happened so long ago… the loss of Gary. I wonder… was my life a waste, or was this a lesson?

As usual, I still routinely visit Gary’s tomb to replace the withered roses with fresh ones. The grave with beautiful red roses on top is his last little house, but has no door or window to keep him sleeping in peace with my love. He filled my heart with very special sweetness, with his guitar melody he played for me, in far off distant times.

One day recently, I was strolling not far from my house to get a little exercise. I stopped right near a young man who sat relaxed and calm under a tree in the park, while playing his guitar. Slowly I stepped closer towards him. I let him play his guitar until the end of the tune, and I was stunned to silence, because I will never forget the sound of Gary’s love guitar melody... that he was playing! I wondered how this young man could play it; the only one who knew Gary’s tune was Gary, because he created it himself for me and never recorded it.

“Hello young man!” I said, greeting him in a friendly voice.

The young man turned to me, and he greeted me back with his smile. Oh my God!… the smile! It was Gary’s sweetest smile, like a living echo from the distant past!

“May I know who has taught you to play that melody, young man?” I asked.

“Oh… do you like the melody grandmom?” the young man asked me back.

“Very much!” I replied calmly, but strangely curious and alive within. Then I asked him again, “So who has taught you, young man?”.

“Somebody in my dream!” he replied, innocently.

His simple answer shocked me, taking my breath away for a moment, but a second later I said thanks to him for explaining it to me. The young man nodded his head and gave me a sweet smile again. Then he rushed off to his friend’s car who just arrived to get him. I watched them drive away. I never learned where they drove to.

For a long time I stood there shivering… remembering, dreaming, thinking… and then, finally, started to cry, “Gary, you are back in this life, while I am ready to die!”

By N.G. Dian


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author avatar Songbird B
20th Aug 2011 (#)

A bitter sweet tale of love and loss, Nenendian..Nice read! Thank you for sharing..

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author avatar Buzz
20th Aug 2011 (#)

That was a very haunting story, very beautiful.

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author avatar bronnamdi
20th Aug 2011 (#)

Nice story.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
22nd Aug 2011 (#)

Beautiful, Nenendian. How ultra-romantic. I was glued.

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