H Dream Chronicles 1

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You know those dreams that tug on your mind all day? This dream is no different.

H Dream Chronicles 1

There I was, engaged to a valuer who had been in the field for the last three years. Thanks to his hard work, we were now the proud owners of a 12M piece of land somewhere along the highway. Oh, the joy! My mother, on the other hand, was not quite so pleased. Where does a young man acquire 12 M over the span of three years? Is it business or corruption? Well, I was not sure about our source of income. After all, my job was not to question but instead, it was to enjoy the spoils. And the prizes I did enjoy, not holding back at any given moment.
At the time, I thought that I was pregnant and I only knew of one way to find out. I decided to figure out the truth first before perturbing my fiancé with my thoughts, not that he would mind anyway. We were getting married. The finding out involved peeing on some sticky substance, and if it became non-sticky after coming into contact with your urine, you were going to be a mama. That is so weird, right?
So, there I was, armed with my funny goo and ready to take the plunge when my fiancé asked me to accompany him to see the land. We drove there, and on arrival, he started praising the land. “It’s not so far from the road, right?” he gushed at me, happy at my approval. Something in me turned, was it the hormones? All I know is that we ended up getting down and dirty right there in the middle of the field where all and sundry could see us. Luckily, we were all alone, and it all went down smoothly.
Now, this is the part when someone wakes me up from my perfect dream, asking me where I left the milk last night. Oh, perfections ruined on earth. Let’s go back to my realm.
Seated at the table, I could only frown upon the conversation. See, two girls against tons of men is not a fair competition, primarily when the convo revolved around which girls are the best to date. In my eyes, I am! The men slowly moved from one type to the other, before landing on me. All eyes on me, I have to admit it was a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. Their approval showed, and why not? I was dressed to kill, not in a literal manner though and I accepted their praises with a smile.
This bit is where H comes in, at my moment of pride. As always, there was a lot of noise around when he walked in, and by the time he got to the stage, the tables disappeared, and I was standing in the midst of the rowdy crowd. H! So, there he was, being as magnificent as ever, making clowns of once-bright people by sharing his strategies. And there they were, hanging on his every syllable.
I stood there, disapproving and watching him. The man has a way about him though. At some point, he decided to start some theatrics, to make his talk even better and he got hold of a bottle filled with oil and swung it. The contents went straight to my hair. Why me? I stood there, unmoving, disbelieving as our eyes met and he made his way towards me.
All this time, I am thinking, why couldn’t he have danced like he always does? Why choose to anoint me? He finally got to me, his big eyes showing concern and I swear there was a twinkle of mischievousness in that glance. However, I was too shocked to discern anything at the time. Somehow, the oil disappeared, and once again, he was back on stage, and I was in the crowd, watching him brainwash his flock.
Time passed by and soon, he was handing out gifts, and you will not believe what he had to give! Steel wool and braids! Trust H to be in touch with people’s needs, not! He came up to me and somehow, he had learned the kind of person I was as he leaned over and said, “I am sure that you don’t want these.” I nodded in return and watched him move through the crowd. H!
That to me meant that I got to have a different gift. “Money,” I beamed to myself as I watched my friend receive her hamper and shriek in delight. He soon got done with the gifting, and he headed on to the stage, but in a matter of minutes, he was nowhere to get seen. What about my gift? I got anxious as the seconds became minutes. I do not know how long I stood there before I spotted him talking to another crowd a few meters away. Another bunch, another realm! Trust H to move on that fast…
I grabbed my friend and dragged her to the other side. I was going to get my gift, by all means, possible, even if I had to pull it out of the man. I could see him on the stage, wearing blue, speaking with authority and standing like a god over his flock. Why was I so into my gift? Makes me wonder.
On getting to the platform through the backside, I let go of my friend’s hand and headed straight to the seating area. H was done talking and had now settled amongst his other friends, and I headed straight for the first blue shirt I saw. “You lied to me!” I hissed at the shirt, only for the wearer to turn around and it was not H. Oops, I thought to myself as I saw a man approaching. “Is the guy security?” I wondered to myself as I started looking for escape routes from the corner of my eyes. As I was looking around, I saw H staring back at me, bemused. It turns out the guy wasn’t security, and he quietly took a seat next to the man I had just harassed. No protection around H that never happens. Even in a dream, I would not expect it.
I looked at H and repeated the same words I had told the other guy, and he looked at me and said, “No.” Such a swift response! My friend had caught up with me, and she was now giving me an odd look. “Where is my gift?” I asked him, and he blurted out, “I will give it to you soon.” “How, yet you do not even know who I am?” I asked, wondering what kind of stunt he was pulling.
He responded by handing me his phone and asking me to write down my number. The moment of reckoning had come, and I was not going to waste it. I took the phone, and he beckoned me to have a seat beside him. Now, the thing about dreams is that they will mess you up at some point. So, I am busy trying to enter my digits, but I keep putting in the wrong numbers, and the numbers keep changing. It was terrible, but I was determined. Halfway through my struggles, my friend leans in and asks, “You hate the guy anyway. Why do you care if he gets you the gift?”
Honestly, I do not know. Under any other circumstances, I would have walked away. Was it so that H could lose to me? What was it? I wish someone would tell me why…but it was a dream; such is life. Finally, I got the number right and saved it. As I was handing the phone back to him, he received a red pen from someone, and suddenly, I was again in my campus class. My friend jumped at him. “Is that pen from Andrew?” she demanded from H. He looked back at her and said yes, wondering what the deal with her was. “Then give it to me. It’s mine,” she said. At this point, I think he had taken enough from the two of us and couldn’t make up his mind on which one was more messed up. He declined to give it back and me having seen that we were acting like two crazies, I dragged my friend away, giving H a smile and a look to indicate that I wasn’t that bad a person.
He must have been overwhelmed with relief when we were gone and must have looked over his shoulder tons of times to make sure we were not coming back. I got back to my house, still not having conducted the pregnancy test and went straight to my room. When my phone rang, I did not think much of it, and I picked it up hesitantly. “Hi, did you get home alright? How are you doing?” he asked. The voice was unmistakable. H! I almost jumped up and down. Money was calling! Keep it, cool girlfriend, I told myself. “I am good. How are you doing?” I asked, trying to sound as casual as I could.
“I am doing well. What are you doing?” H asked. The hair! Tell him about the hair! Oh, these evil voices in my head. Oh, well…”I just came from the salon,” I lied. The truth is that I had not given the hair a second thought after I left him and it was just occurring to me that I should have it cleaned. “To get my hair cleaned,” I added with a smile.
“I am sorry about that. How much did it cost you?” H asked. You know those moments when an opportunity presents itself, and you cannot wait to seize it? This one was one of those. Tell him ten thousand! Be ridiculous! My strong evil side screamed at me, and I was not one to hold back. So, ten thousand it is. After all, a man like H has billions, what is ten thousand to him?
Giddy, I took a deep breath and….
Hey, D, wake up….it’s late…. Well, that cut the conversation short, and I was back to reality. In a world where I had no 12M piece of land, no baby on the way and no tycoon to con….that’s life….sob, sob, sob!


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