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She was cute. Her face was chubby and mucus was dripping down her nose in a gross yet endearing way.

Last Saturday...

I saw a little girl going through a garbage can last saturday. She was cute. Her face was chubby and mucus was dripping down her nose in a gross yet endearing way. Her underwear was peeking out from her white, torn under shirt and the expression on her face while she was examing the trash in her hands is similar to mine when I get stuck in what I'm writing. It was a funny sight. If it wasn't so heartbreaking.

There was this adorable little girl dirtying her pretty little hands trying to find something to eat. She should have a silver platter filled with delicious food not going through the garbage and settling for left overs and molding bread. She should be at pre school learning about numbers and letters and singing songs not wandering around in the streets. She should be experiencing a real childhood but she can't because the twisted universe think it's funny to deprive a child of those luxuries. So I walked up to her and I gave her the ice cream I had in my hand. The ice cream was melting, it's been licked and it probably had my germs all over it, but she looked at it with awe like it was the freakin' holy grail. She thanked me and walked off and I watched her happily licking the ice cream contentedly and happily. It's endearing to know that it only took one mesely ice cream cone to make her feel happy.And to think earlier that day I was pissed because I didn't have enough money to buy one with the chocolate dip.


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