HONESTY: Is It Really The Best Policy.

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Honesty is a virtue of great concern to humanity. Although it is not always easy speaking the truth, but once you make a decision to tell the truth you will surely maintain a good conscience with neighbors, friends and the society at large.

Lying Does it Really Pay?

Have you ever been tempted to lie? A youth told his mother that he had cleaned his room when, in reality, he had thrown everything under the bed. He made an equally inept attempt at pulling the wool over his parents' eyes. He told them that he got a failing grade, not because he did not study, but because he did not get along with his teacher.

Parents and other adults usually see through such transparent ploys. Yet that does not stop many youths from at least trying to lie, bend the truth or downright cheat when it seems advantageous. For one thing, parents do not always react coolly to crises. And when you have come in, two hours later than you were supposed to, it may seem tempting to say there was a major accident on the freeway, rather than to tell your parents the embarrassing truth that you simply lost track of the time.

School may present another challenge to honesty. Students often feel overloaded with homework, cutthroat competition often exists, Why, researchers in the United States, show that more than half of all the students cheat or have cheated. But while a lie may seem attractive, and cheating the easy way out, does it really pay to be dishonest?

Lying Why it Doesn't Pay.

Lying to escape punishment might seems advantageous at the time. But the Bible warns; "He that launches forth lies will not escape" (Proverbs 19:5) The likelihood is great that the lies will be exposed and punishment meted out anyway. Then your parents will be angry not only because of your original transgression but also because of your lying to them.

What about cheating in school? "Any student committing an act of academic dishonesty will run a serious risk of damaging and or harming future educational and employment opportunities" True many seems to be getting away with it. Cheating may very well get you that passing grade, but what about the long range effects? You no doubt agree it would be foolish to cheat your way through a class on swimming. After all, who wants to be stuck on land when everybody else is having fun in the water! And if you got push into a pool, your cheating habit could cause you to drawn.

But what about cheating at Math, or Reading? True, the result may not be quite as dramatic at first, if you have not developed basic academic skills, however, you may find yourself "sinking" in the job market! And a Diploma obtained by cheating won't be much of a life preserver. The Bible says "The getting of treasures by a false tongue is an exhalation driven away" (Proverbs 21:6) Any advantages a lie may bring is as short-lived as vapor. How much better it would be for you to buckle down and study, rather than to lie and cheat your way through school! "The plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage" says Proverbs 21:5.

Lying and Your Conscience.

A young girl lyingly accused her brother of breaking a cherished knickknack, though she later fell compelled to confess her lie to her parents, "I felt really bad most of the time," explains her, "My parents had put trust in me, and I let them down," This well illustrates how God has placed within mankind the faculty of conscience (Romans 2:14, 15) Her conscience tormented her with feelings.

Of course, a person could choose to ignore his conscience. But the more he practice lying the more he becomes insensitive to the wrong - 'marked in his conscience as with a branding iron' (1 Timothy 4:2) Do you really want to have a deadened conscience?

God's View of Lying.

A false tongue was and is one of the things that "God does hate," (Proverbs 6:16, 17) After all, it is Satan the devil himself who is "the father of the lie" (John 8:44) And the Bible makes no distinction lies and so - called white lies, "No lie originates with the truth" (1 John 2:21)

Honesty must thus be the policy for everyone who wants to be God's friend. The 15th Psalm asks, O Jehovah who will be a guest in your tent? Who will resides in your holy mountain? (verse 1) Let us consider the answer given in the next four verses; "He who is walking faultlessly and practicing righteousness and speaking the truth in his heart" (verse 2)

Does that sound like a shoplifter or a cheater? Is it someone who lies to his parents or pretends to be something he is not? Hardly! So, if you wants to be a friend of God, you need to be honest, not only in your actions but in your heart as well.

"He has not slandered with his tongue, to his companion he has done nothing bad, and no reproach has he taken up against his intimate acquaintance" (verse 3) Have you ever allowed yourself to go along with a group of people who were making unkind, cutting comments about someone else? Develop the strength of willpower to refuse to participate in such talk.

"In his heart anyone contemptible is certainly rejected, but those fearing God he honors. He has sworn to what is bad for himself, and yet he does not alter" (verse 4) Reject as friends anyone who lie, cheat or brag about immoral exploits; they will expect you to do the same things. One man observed, "A friend you lie along with will surely get you into trouble someday" he is not a friend you can trust, therefore it is advisable to find friends who respect standards of honesty. (Psalm 26:4)

Do you realized that God 'appreciates or honors' those who keep to their words? Perhaps you promised to help out around the house, but suddenly a friend invited you to a football game, What will you do? Will you treat your word lightly and go with your friends, leaving your parents to do the chores, or will you keep your words?

"His money he has not given out on interest, and a bribe against the innocent one he has not taken. He that is doing these things will never be made to totter" (verse 5) Isn't it true that greed is a major cause of cheating and dishonesty? Students who cheat on test are greedy for grades they have not studied for. People who takes bribes value money more than justice.

True, some people point to political and business leaders who bend rules of honesty to get their way. But how solid is the success of such persons? Answers Psalm 37:2: "Like grass they will speedily wither, and like green new grass they will fade away. "If not caught and disgraced by others, ultimately they face the judgement of God. God's friends, however, "will never be made to totter." Their eternal future is assured.

Developing an Honest Conscience.

Is there not strong reasons, then, to avoid any kind of lying? The Apostle Paul said to himself and his companions: "We trust we have an honest conscience" (Hebrews 13;18) Is your conscience likewise sensitive to untruth? If not, train it by studying the Bible and Bible based literature.

Many people have done so both in the past and present and the result is good for them, they learn not to cover up problems with a web of lies. Their conscience prods them to approach their issues in a honest manner. At times this has resulted in discipline of the mind before ever saying out, and they admitted that they feels better inside for having been honest.

Speaking the truth is not always easy. But the one who makes a decision to tell the truth will maintain a good conscience, a good relationship with his real friends, and best of all, the privilege of being a "guest" in the tent of God! Honesty, then, is not only the best policy, it is the right policy for all Christians.


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