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Two brief poems,
Another here,
Another there,
More to share.

two brief poems

Looking at the sky,
Into the darkness of the day,
Stars rising up,
You can hear the silence.

Looking at the sky,
Into the light of the day,
Feeling the blaze at your skin,
You can feel the strength.

Looking at the sky,
When they glow,
When you can see,
Not blinded by the light,

That light is still there.
You might not see,
You might not feel,
But you know.

2nd poem

You might like this poem,
You might not.
You might like that poem,
You might not.

Riddles to solve,
Insight to gain,
Knowledge to learn,
Spaces to explore.

A connection can be created,
Like now I am related,
The words being stated.

This poem might sink,
That poem might blink,
Just don’t stop, to think.

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author avatar Droucil
I write poetry about life, veracity and perspectives.

Riddles and Poems, Left to be unknown.
Hard to see, what they see.
Rather left hidden, then to be known.

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