Half in Love with Death

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When some of our dearest ones have left us one by one for the ‘’undiscovered country, from whose bourn/No traveller returns....’’ and we miss them badly, our yearning to see them might engender in us a vague wish to die a pain-free death. Also when the immortal soul is liberated from the trap of the body, it frees itself from limitations of time and space, and it regains its native power and properties.

Half in Love with Death

Is death so unwelcome
As it is usually thought to be?
When this life seems grossly flawed in its charm,
When to some longings there is no end I see,
I find a vague wish stirring in me,
To die a pain-free death, for that might certain wishes fulfil,
To accomplish which life has no skill.

I haven’t seen my dear dear brother for ages now!
He was a piece of my heart!
His good crop he was born only to grow
And not to harvest and load it on cart;
He came long after me only to long before depart.
And my little son rose momentarily over death throes to smile
And say, ‘’Papa, don’t you worry, I’ll be fine after a while!’’

My mother, who against God did never complain,
Bore all her miseries with fortitude.
My father, who was incredibly fearless, did always remain
By perils undaunted and never subdued;
Their memories often come rushing into my mind in solitude.
Perhaps death will reunite me with them all
When the curtain on my worldly life does fall.

At times I half wish to die a painless death
And be merged with the soil of my motherland.
Often do I fancy, when I shed my last breath
My body will mingle with the soil and sand
Of the country I love more than anything that stand
Under the sun; and why I love her, I don’t fully know,
And how from my birth did that love grow!

Sometimes I vaguely wish to die
And lose my entity in those silvery rivers
Whose banks disappear well-nigh
In the lush green grass that quivers
In the winds rising from those waters.
Their names are as mesmerising as their beauty,
The Sugandha, the Dhanshidi, the Chitra and the Madhumati,

The Padma, the Meghna, the Rupsha and the others;
The selfsame beauty that my love does irradiate,
Their elegance and nimbleness inseparable from hers.
They are beauty incarnate!
From this corporeal trap when my soul does itself liberate,
With those rivers may it find thereupon
An indistinguishable union
To dance with their rippling waters,
To sweep across the soothing greenery
By day and by night, an ethereal spirit free to traverse
Space and time, and to rise to the sky and dive into the sea.
That’s why sometimes I find myself to be
Half in love with an easy death
That should softly softly carry away my last breath.


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author avatar Aziz Haq
A civil servant by profession, I endeavour to express through my writings how I view life.
Human sufferings, the transient nature of life and profound love for the world are my dominant themes.

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author avatar RaydaJ
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

Aziz, I am speechless. What a poem. It is beautiful. I lost my stepmother last week, and a few hours ago I got news that her sister had just died. The funeral is later today. Please do write something about the swiftness of death and the angels. Can you?

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author avatar Aziz Haq
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

Rayda, I feel so sorry to learn about the passing away of your stepmother and her sister in such quick succession. I pray for the salvation of the departed souls.
Please accept my deepest condolences. May God give you strength to bear the losses.

And thanks for your kind comments on my poem.

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