Halloween Switch

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Benny and her best friend Blazer decide to switch clothes for a Halloween costume.

Halloween Switch

It is Halloween Eve, Blazer was sitting on his bed next to an open window. He heard a knock on the door. "I'll answer it," Sis said from the kitchen.

Benny stood outside holding a small plastic bag. "Hello Benny," Sis said opening the door just enough to look outside. She opened the door. "Hi Sis," Benny said hugging the girl tightly. "Blazer, Benny is here with your costume." Sis called.

"I don't want to do this!" Blazer yelled back. "The girls walked to his room and knocked on the door.

"Go away," Blazer said "if you make me do this your not my friend." Blazer said.

" that's not nice," Sis said " You agreed to do this for her." Sis shook the doorknob "now let us in."

Blazer got up from his bed and opened the door.

"Here," Benny said throwing the plastic bag on the bed. "Now where are your jeans?" she asked. Blazer opened his dresser. He tossed a pair of old and torn black jeans to Benny. "Here," he said. He didn't look at her. Benny held the jeans while she looked them over "I hope you washed these," she said. Benny took off her baseball cap. She placed her old dusty baseball cap on his head. The dirt made the boy sneeze.

"Why do you want to do this?" he asked sneezing.

"it'll be fun," Benny said smiling and putting her arm on his furry shoulder. "We'll look cute in each other's clothes." Blazer took the bag from his bed and opened it up. Inside, Benny had her tube top, red bikini top and a pair of cut off shorts.

The girls went into the bathroom while Blazer changed clothes. He removed his jeans, then slipped on the shorts. The shorts actually felt good. The shorts felt snug around his waist. Blazer buttoned the shorts. Sis's shorts fit him better, but only because they were the same size. Blazer put the bikini top on his bare chest. The bikini top kept sliding off his chest. "Sis!" Blazer called "Can you help me with this?"

Sis came into the bedroom. She couldn't stop giggling when she saw her brother struggling with the bikini top. "Could you tie this thing?" he asked. when trying to keep what was left of his boyish pride.

Sis adjusted the top on his chest and tied it over his shoulders. "I never thought I would be doing this for my twin brother." she said. Sis looked at her brother then giggled. Blazer just ignored her.

Blazer took the tube top." Let me help you with that." Sis offered. She held her brother's arms over his head then slipped the tube top over him. She adjusted it on his small chest. The outfit showed off his muscular chest. "I hope it doesn't slip off," Blazer said. 'you're a boy," Sis said "Who cares if the clothes slip off?"

When they were finished changing, Blazer and Benny went outside. "You look so cute in his jeans," Sis told Benny. Sis took a picture of the young rabbits together for her web page "No is going to tell you apart. Sis said "You both look so much alike."

"Let's party!" Benny said jumping into the air.


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