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My very first satire poem that I wrote in the month of August. Comments are open.



Come close
Come close.

Come all
Come few.

Come from far
Come from near.

Where shall we go?

To All’s
Worst Nightmare.

Have no fear
We have Nightmares
For Everyone.

Satanic Demons
Dance in fire.

Demonic Entities
Terrify Children
In bed.

Sleep well

Then again
After this night
You’ll will never
Sleep again.

And Witches
Chant their
Regular motto
Of someone’s toiling
Will lead them
To boiling.

And among
All that
Demented Laughter
The severed fingers
Crawl upon
The wooden counter
Waiting to be put
Into that green boiling
In the Black Cauldron.

And skeletons
Dance a jig
Among their graves.

For the dead
Never seemed
So lively tonight
As of any other night.

All the corpses
Sit upright slowly
And look upon
The Graveyard Watchman
Who falls dead
From shock.

Oh Dear
Might want to send
Him back
In a Pine box
If He can afford it.

And don’t forget
To clean up afterwards
Don’t want Mummy
To discover
The Babysitter
Is in the Freezer.

Speaking of Mummies
To all children
Hold close to Mummy
Because the Mummies
Are going to get you.

If they can
Get out the
Damn Casket

Now I ask
Which one of you fools
Opened the Egyptian Tomb?

The Doorway
Strictly said
Not to open
And you opened anyway.

And you forgot to
Close the door
Once out.

Do You Live in a Barn?

And the Wolves
Are Howling
At the moon.

So are
The Boyfriend
And Girlfriend
On Halloween Night.

Little does
The Boy know
That she’ll be
Making Puppies

Then the Wolves
Are really going
To howl for him.

And all the
Are out tonight.

All the Blood
Out of Everyone.

No wonder
The world
Is such
A Lifeless Bunch.

But there is no
Life for the Dead
Than on this Night.

And the Ghouls
Come down from
The Attic
To communicate
With the living.

But of course
Everyone takes it
The wrong way.

And run around
Like little schoolgirls
From their own horror.

Call me crazy
If you wish.

You may say
I unhinged myself.

But this is

A one night Stand
In scaring people
For the fun of it.

But nothing is better
Than making fun
Of that horror.

Which is
All in all
The Fun
Of Halloween.


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