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I am just sharing this story just to let you all know that yes still their are many paranormal activities which we ignore most of the times and yes we should , their is no point to engage with these untill its good , or may be it can b bad too.. 3:)

Dreamy Hallow's Even Deadly Night

This story just to let you all know that yes still their are many paranormal activities which we ignore most of the times and yes we should , their is no point to engage with these untill its good ,but yes we should not it can b bad too.. 3:)]

The Innocent week Simor was all set for Grand ma house, all the hustle was for her cousin sister's both of them went to Holy place MGM church. Simor's sister and dad left Friday evening and she had to wait until Saturday to take her mother along with her. In the end both headed towards grand'mas home. After a couple of hours on the car they reaches to the place, She was shivering fleshly low in strength.. while driving..

It was a very long time since she had been there at least 1 year so she had to go along their and after an hour was the first one to hit the sack. Simor's having a big family and they live together since years together. Most of the people out their were related in some way or the other, Simor's was sleeping in her aunt's place, the house was quite empty but she could still hear them talking and laughing outside, all these noises vanished in seconds and she dozed off.

Damn tired no possible dreams not even a flashing dream but a sudden nightmare changes everything.An weird feeling that she was lying and shes surrounded by spirits. It was just a dream but she was getting restless. after a sudden she saw a soul spirit coming closer to her, the closer and closer it approached, her trembling went higher and higher and she jumped off her bed and asked herself 'is am dreaming?'. A little relieved that the dream was broken but before she could take a second thought from the foot off, something shows off to her at door side. Structured just like a human, she could see its limbs racing towards her she moved behind for self defense but again it was a dream.. and she was like "what the hell is this .. again !!"

She realized that she had been dreaming of having a dream. A little complex but was a sleepless night , next day again same work and tiredness and then days off. Before she could hit the bed again she heard some noise and turned towards her right hand side where her aunt's small bookshelf was. From behind it ran a creature towards the bedroom door and vanished in a second. Simor was almost out of everything her breathing pattern was changed, seeing something rush out from where she was sleeping at midnight, it took a couple of seconds before she could realize it was true!! and then she headed towards the hall to find no one there. mystery were everywhere the house was latched from the outside everything was of ancient times old 90's. Simor had to knock and then call out her aunt to get out of there.She Couldn't share with anyone on that day but something that convinced her was that she didn't have to sleep there everyday.
Somewhat which was extremely weird in that house was off the bridge, and out of her mind , this was just a dream, but you all know what really happened that night , the shadow which came across her door was the same spirit which destructed everything in that house before Simor's family lives in, the day was made for Simor's death, but the dream helped her out to leave that deadly place as soon as possible...

Paranormal activities should be ignored their is no point to get engaged with.. it may harm you as well as your family too.. so never get down , always live in real life and stay safe :))


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author avatar nidhisparihar
30th Aug 2012 (#)

You are scary really :PP

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author avatar Allison Jae
30th Aug 2012 (#)

Wow! Cool story.

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