Happiness Is A Choice

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Why do many people exclaim and tell themselves and to others that happiness is really a person's choice?

These are my personal insights on this issue.

A Realization

"Happiness is a choice", a cliche which for me speaks of great substance.

Yes, those who actually believe and realize that it's true could say that it is. Those people I believe have realized a lot about life, that for instance, money is not at all times is the main source of a person's genuine happiness; or have realized that after all the tribulations, one can still be happy when one tries to be.

Further, I am also thinking that one can somehow say this as a facade for the pain actually felt within. I believe somehow that words are so powerful that when one exclaims this line with conviction, it somehow gives a relieving and pacifying effect. How strong and optimistic a person can be if he/she still has the will to say this line when confronted with such difficult situation! It is so difficult to say something that is not from the abundance of the heart. How can one be so emphatic to deliver this? Extraordinary.

Some people also say this when they need to, like in speeches, movies, radio programs, documentaries, and I guess they are what made this line a cliche, I suppose.

Is happiness really a choice? For me it becomes a choice when the person actually does something to feel happy. It becomes a choice when he/she helps and assists himself/herself to move on and engage into something worth wile and worth the attention. I got it.

It will never become the real happiness when it's only said because it is needed or it is only a substitute to pain. Yes, a beautiful smile might conceal a broken soul but when one goes out and pick the broken pieces of himself/herself, well this time, happiness is indeed a choice!


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author avatar brendamarie
24th Mar 2015 (#)

I agree, happiness for the most part is a choice. You choose how you react to everything

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