Happiness (was its name)

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On a sweet spring morning, she realized the true name of the gentle feeling that suddenly filled her soul...

On a spring morning...

Marlene smiled as she slowly opened her bright blue eyes. She could feel the sweet kiss of the sunbeams over her fresh skin. It was a warm spring morning, quite beautiful, and somewhat different than others. For the first time on a long while, Marlene felt truly happy. And no, a gorgeous prince on a white horse didn’t suddenly find her, nor had she won the lotto. It was a strange feeling, as if all the fear from the past suddenly was nothing but a blurry memory from a distant time. Was that sensation something like a sweet kind of sense of accomplishment? Or was it something else? It wasn´t so easy to know what it was…. After all, human feelings can get easily mixed-up so easily. And for Marlene, dealing with that kind of things, like feelings, emotions and sensations, wasn´t exactly a walk on the park. She spent long and painful years in the shadows, trying to hide her true emotions and desires. Marlene thought that there was no chance for her to be happy, like the people you see everyday roaming on the streets. Yet, there was a little light living in her. That little drop of lighting wanted her to live happy to inspire others to be better human beings. And yes, at first, she wanted to give up and let the darkness consume every single inch of her poor soul. But she never surrendered at the weight of her own past. The help of those who loved her was the rock that helped Marlene to stay strong, no matter how hard got life. And one good day, a very beautiful feeling was knocking at the Marlene´s door, prompting her to wake up and enjoy the day. Thinking back on the past, Marlene realized the name of that feeling.
It was happiness…It was on the wind and on the leaves of every single tree…

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author avatar GenkiWorld
17th Jan 2015 (#)

i could relate to her, a lot of times i feel like that then i wake up with a feeling of happyness, it's wonderful!

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author avatar PJ Dorantes
18th Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you!!

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author avatar vellur
19th Jan 2015 (#)

Beautifully written!

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