Harrison gives me the evil eye

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Harrison has his own thoughts in his head... and he wants someone dead!

Harrison gives me the evil eye

The town nearby Canyon Manoir, nearby as in an hour's drive, has a new mall. Relatively new anyway.

And that mall has a Spur Steak Ranch.

So guess where Father takes us today to have breakfast! Yummy... or so I hope.

Arriving at the Spur, Harrison and his wife aren't there, where they were supposed to wait for us.

Anyway, Father tells Mother, Petros and me that we can all take this certain breakfast offering displayed on his placemat, consisting of two eggs and bacon and chips, and then we can top it up with something a little more meaty that is displayed in little blocks on the same placemat. Sausages and burger patties and chicken livers and such.

I know what Father is going to take - burger patty - since that is what he always takes. So I decide to have the same.

Meanwhile Harrison and his wife and children also arrive. Is it my imagination or does Father become someone else in Harrison's presence? I must be imagining it.

When the waiter comes to take the order, Father asks us what we'd like and I tell him.

Suddenly Father explodes like a madman, acting asif I have just made him lose all his entire fortune for all eternity. He seems beaten down with no hope of recovery. What's wrong with him?

"That's now again the most expensive item of the lot!!!!", he sneers at me.

What in blazes? I'm a little taken aback.

"Fine", I say switched off, "then just leave the patty."

I cannot help but notice that Harrison is looking at me with an insane look in his eyes, really wanting to make an attempt on my life. Who in blazes is this guy? And he seems to have a horrible influence on Father.

I just leave the matter there for now, not knowing what in blazes is wrong now because Father had instruced us to order exactly the way I did order. And I find out later that indeed Father did order for me exactly what I had asked, and he did indeed have the exact same thing for himself, just as I knew he would approve it.

So why the hell did he have that angry outburst then?

Not Father nor Harrison say anything about it for the rest of the day, so I move on and not bring it up again. But will the matter leave me alone?

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