Harrison makes an attempt on my life

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Have you ever wondered how you would die? Sometimes the possiblities might surprize you. You might get killed by your own family member, a sibling or something from whom you never saw it coming...

Harrison makes an attempt on my life

We take food turns; a couple a day prepares all the meals for a day and wash the dishes.

Although today was Harrison and Mary's turn, they ignored it. Mother has to do it.

So, after Mother has prepared supper, a nice finger meal with boiled eggs and little slices of bread with cheese and some avocado, it is time to come eat.

But of course Harrison and Mary aren't coming. They threaten to just leave and go home to Voortrekkerdorp.

Mother can't believe things are all that bad just because they had an argument. She goes to call them.

Angie and Allisa do come, because they're probably hungry.

Unfortunately as soon as Harrison and Mary comes in the door, things explode.

I use the name "Harrison" only as a courtesy, because that thing that stands in the door is not Harrison. It is an evil demon that's ready to kill.

The rest is kind of a blur. I do remember Mary coming like a bitch to take the children away, because she no longer wants them to be around us.

Harrison spewed some poison about how Petros and I are useless rubbish losers killing Father, and Mother is a piece of shit destroying her marriage with Father.

Petros tries to reason calmly with Harrison, asking why he's so angry, but Harrison is only getting himself more worked up by the second. I can see this is going to get ugly so I try to stay out of the "conversation" for the most part, even though so much of it is about me destroying Father's life or something.

But when I can't stay out of it anymore is when Mary like a possessed bitch comes in the door and tells Mother off. She accuses Mother of "taking Marzeus' side against Angie", referring to Mother leaving the family meal because they made it unbearable for her, apparently missing the eating of Angie's "birthday cake" that was to follow later.

Mother explodes and tells Mary in no uncertain terms that Mary should stop saying Mother is taking sides among her children and grandchildren. Mother claps on the top of the back of a chair to accent her point. I'm so glad Mother is making a statement, because usually Mother is too kind and too meak and mild to fight with anyone. She usually just takes the punches. But now, she's taking a stand. I'm so proud of her, especially the way she says "You stop that now!" at the end.

But Mary of course is not finished with Mother, and it is here where I jump in to stop that bitch from attacking my Mother.

Mary's last statement was again something about Mother not being allowed to ever do something motherly for her adult children or something, so I just jump in and tell her "She can do whatever she wants; she's free to do so."

Then of course Harrison attacks me, screaming, probably because I'm talking too sternly to his liking to his cheap bitch.

Harrison has some insane madman look in his eyes. I thought it's funny at the time, though I didn't say it, but Mother would afterwards recall how horrible and sad it is that Harrison has gone off his crumpet.

Anyway, Harrison is storming towards me and then starts picking up a chair, threatening to break it on my head. Mother and Father try to get him to let go of the chair.

I stand up and Harrison gets wild. I'm not sure what he's saying or what I'm saying, but at the same time I'm starting to think this might get exciting, as the fight or kill instinct takes me over too. I'm scaring myself more than Harrison is impressing me, because I know if I get really into it, it's kill or be killed.

So, Harrison wants to kill me now with a heavy wooden chair does he? Well, I hope he's got his own will in order because his attempt on my life might turn on him.

Fortunately for Harrison, Mother and Father do manage to get into his way enough so that he never gets to get really close to me. Good thing for him. I guess it's best this way.

In the end he utters some "you fat fuck" somethingorother and goes away. We finish our meal.

Mother and Father try at some points to go talk to him. Apparently he's upset that I tried to kill him with the knife and fork. In reality, there was never any utensils on the table, aside from a cup of teaspoons for coffee. So it's obvious he's making up a different event in his mind that what actually happened.

Mother tries to make peace later and to go say goodnight to Angie and Allisa, but Mary turns off the light at the door and chases Mother out with "Come, Ma!".

Mother's always said Mary hates her and we always thought it's not as bad as all that, but now it's obvious it is.

Next morning, Harrison and Mary and their two children leave. Harrison says he would have stayed for Father's sake (now what does this even mean?), but Mary wouldn't hear of it.

The atmosphere lifts as soon as they're gone.

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