Has technology really become a perfect substitute for human labor?

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Since the early ages of the Agrarian revolution, the world has continued to advance technologically. With great inventions, man’s intelligence has slowly given reason to introduce new technologies such as computers, robots, and many others into the world’s labor force. On one side of the coin lies happiness on seeing the marvelous things technology can achieve where as on the other, people are worried of succumbing to substitution in the labor chain.


A large percentage of the human population all round the earth clings to the belief of technology turning the planet into a more improved and civilized place than before. But then, the same human population refuses to let go off quite a substantial degree of fear towards losing their jobs and professions to technology. In other words, there are two conflicting arguments roaming in the minds of the so said human population.
Technology is solely interested in elevating modernization.
 Technology is for both modernization and labor dominance.

Technology is solely interested in elevating modernization

In regards to the issue of modernization, most of the people all over the globe can attest to the fact that technology has indeed produced concrete improvements. For sure nobody would want to see the world back to the Stone Age. An incredibly great amount of effort has been put to ensure the level of modernization allows the world to easily make good use of technologies such as those involved in internet usage, cell phone networks and other discoveries. Now with such an understanding, there is a group that believes technology will only raise the level of civilization and proceed to creating more employment opportunities.

Technology is for both modernization and labor dominance

This second group of people has got no problem in admitting that technology does elevate modernization. However, they assume a different view towards technology’s effect on job and employment opportunities. They are extremely scared of losing their jobs and professions to recent technological discoveries. For instance, a company which earlier employed people to do the packaging of a given product would be forced to substitute them with a recently invented packaging machine or system.

The Verdict

It is true that technology has substituted people, as well as created employment opportunities in different fields. From a logical and critical point of view, it will continue to substitute human labor and create new opportunities elsewhere. The only thing that it will never accomplish is fully eliminating man from the labor chain. This is simply because of the impossibility held in trying to rationalize and impart emotion in the way technology handles situations, if man’s intervention were to be restrained.


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