Hate: In The Name Of God:

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Conservatives seem to hate everything and everyone these days. And they justify their hatred or bigotry by using God's name and their so called Christian believes.


I do not understand hate or haters for that matter. Conservatives have a way of deciding what is right or moral in their eyes and so anything that goes against what they believe is a "sin" or "wrong", and they say it loud, very loud, but, what I am actually hearing is "we hate anything and everything and everybody who is not like us or maybe we hate ourselves." I hear Conservatives in Congress and Senate bad mouthing the poor the disabled, the elderly, gays, women, and even the so called "minorities". Why?

Let me say right here, I do have certain rules I live by. I do have things that I feel are morally wrong for me! But, I never decide for others what is morally wrong for them. Morality and things of that nature are very subjective. However, there is one thing I do find morally wrong for everyone and that is hate toward others.


I grew up in the 1960's. Which most of you probably know was a very turbulent time. I also remember the 1960's as a violent and volatile. But I was raised in a middle class family in a town outside Boston Massachusetts. We attended a Baptist Church, and my paternal Grandfather was a minister in Portsmouth, NH. The point I am making here is I was raised a Christian, but I was also taught that hating anyone, no matter who was just plain wrong! It was against what Jesus taught.


So fast forward to today, when the Conservatives say, "Gay marriage is a sin", "Abortion is a sin", Being poor is a sin". They say "the poor are lazy", that "laziness is in the inner city". Basically what they are saying or what I am hearing is "blacks, women, all minorities are scary and we feel threatened and so we are going to fight them." My response is they are showing their bigotry.

When I use the term bigot, I do not just mean to a certain race, it also includes religion, sex, sexual preference, and even economic differences. All of the hate for all these including age discrimination, is bigotry at it's worse.

The Conservatives seem to cherish money over everything else. They seem to believe their so called "Christian Values" trumps everyone else's views, as well as everything else. They claim everything is against their religious freedom. They cry they are being persecuted, okay by whom are they being persecuted? But, by doing this they actually are killing our Constitution themselves. They basically are saying my beliefs are the right beliefs, yours are not.What these ultra-Conservatives do not see is their views are more esthetic then they actually are religious. They are in fact doing to others what they claim is being done to them. The reason our Founding Fathers called for the separation of church and state was to keep the Country free of a national church, to keep it from being a theocracy. After all Freedom was why they fought for independence.


Money does not buy happiness! I know, I saw this first hand. I dated a guy, in college, who was from a very prominent family. I saw what went on in his family, with him, and with his family's circle of powerful and influential friends. None were happy, they were always worried about others ripping them off. They trusted no one, not even each other. They were greedy, they never had enough of anything, including money. Marriage was for power and prestige. They could have anything they wanted, except for love, true love. My friend ended up shooting himself before our graduation. His sister also shot herself, soon after her brother's death. It was mostly hate and no love in the family that drove them to suicide.


This country was built by immigrants, laborers, workers, and independent thinkers. Not usually by the rich or powerful. We are a nation who use to pride ourselves on our diversity, on our openness and helping each other, we were not suspicious of anyone, we helped our neighbors. We were proud of the fact we had the freedom to believe what wished. Freedom to say or do, what we as individual feel is right for us. And not have others dictate to us what is right or wrong. What happened to that Country?

After WWII things started changing. The Hitler mentality started to grow, to infect this Country. A lot of the wealthiest people in this Country, like Bush, Rockefeller, Ford etc. had backed Hitler. When Hitler was pronounced dead, his hate did not die. Instead, it festered and grew in the dark recesses of America's boardrooms, and large companies, also in our history lessons, in our churches and even in our government. It now has broken out into the open, and we can now see the monster plainly in the daylight.


If we continue to turn a blind eye to this hate, and do it in God's name to justify it, it will destroy this Country and it's people. But, first it will destroy those who spew such hate. Hate can not sustain itself, and eventually hate falls in on itself, and destroys the hater. Even our Founding Fathers and Jesus knew this.

We all have a right for the pursuit of happiness, we all have a God given right to a safe place to live, good food, clean water and clean air. We all have a God given right to choose our own destiny and what is right for us individually. We all have free will. God gave us that.

So my question to all Conservatives and Tea Partiers is why do you hate so much? Is it really because of your religious beliefs? Or is it really about fear, or something even more deep? If it is because of your beliefs, then please go back and reread Christ's words, let them sink in to your mind and your heart. Christ gave one new Commandment which he stated was the most important one, that was "Love one another". He gave this after he finished washing the feet of his disciples, this was in the upper room at the last supper. He did not say "hate one another"!

Jesus was with prostitutes, tax collect, and probably gays, he was with the sick and disabled, the poor. He never hated anyone. The one time he showed anger was with the money changers, who were bastardizing the temple. He also said, to the best of my knowledge, "It would be easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle then it would for a rich man to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven".

So please do not use the name of God or Christianity, or what you believe is your Christian superiority, or your "right by God" to hate or impose your will or agenda on everyone else. Just admit the truth it isn't about your religious rights, but your love of money and power. Another words "greed". Remember God says, "You can not serve two masters, you will love one and hate the other", your hate is now showing. You do not represent most Christians, at least not us who are true Christians. You do not represent most Americans!

I as a true Christian call you out, I choose to follow Christ and fill my heart with love. Will you follow your greed or stand up and actually follow the God you claim? I hope and pray that Conservatives and Tea Partiers will follow true Christianity and actually follow Christ's lead to love one another.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
1st May 2014 (#)

Yes! Yes! Yes! I could not agree with you more. Great article Sharon. Thank you.

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author avatar Sharon Scott
2nd May 2014 (#)

Thank you Steve I appreciate all encouragement.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
28th May 2014 (#)

Oh I love this so much!!! Sharon, you wrote from the heart and I think you did great! Sorry it took me so long to read it!!

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author avatar Sharon Scott
28th May 2014 (#)

Thank you so much Phyl. It is okay that it took awhile. I am just glad you like it. Thank you for your kind words. I feel very strongly that hate in the name of God does not represent God in any religion or culture.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
20th Jun 2014 (#)

Obviously we are in agreement on that point!! ;)

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