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Tips to ponder and to consider about improving yourself.

Is being real a good idea?

I know that many of us lived by this quotation. One of the most memorized and favorite saying of all times is this: “Be yourself”. I could even imagine you actually reading this while nodding your head, and sarcastically agreeing. ha ha!
Well, Even me, i onced loved this quotation. One of my reasons? It satisfies something within my heart. It was like giving me some courage to face the insecurities and fear in me according to what i want. But actually being yourself is way too easy..
But guess what? I found out something about this quote. Something that you would never agreed upon. And maybe, this would be the start you would complain as i tell you this perspective.
This April 2013, i just joined our Church’s 5 days camp. One of the pastors who guested opened my mind and heart to this fact. His telling us how people rely and being too dependable on quotes that doesn't have any strong base of fundamentals, like the quote above.
All i mean is, is really being yourself help you to attain the need in your heart. Does it really helps to improve the confidence you should have in the first place? Well, it doesn’t.
“Being yourself has a different context. Sometimes you have to deny yourself just to be yourself. Like denying yourself for God’s glory doesn't necessarily mean you're not being yourself, instead it is becoming your BETTER SELF” - Brother Apiong
This is true. What if i told you being a nagger is not the best solution to any circumstances but you as a lover of this quote keep on believing that being yourself is the best idea. How about you being a shy person? You being the moody one? Or you with you're confused identity? (eg. Homosexuality) Maybe you would tell me, straight to my face, “This is me! God made me this way! and my ears are now closed for criticisms.”
All of this is not a kind of attitude we should lived by. We all know God is not pleased with any of the attitude you thought was just being real.
If i would create a new and improve quote, i would say “Life is too short— yeah! So be like someone i know.” That is the best line for you! For all of us! And i am referring to the best man whom you could follow, JESUS. The perfect guy who ever lived. I know you know him. He wants you to be like him because he knows that you would be as assured as he feels when he obey what his father is telling him to be. If you do settle also in being like Jesus, i guarantee, you we're as close to what i am saying the best you.
Don’t mind to be the real you, be the better you!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd May 2013 (#)

We have to be comfortable in our skin - as we cannot jump out of them! Try to improve but be self-confident and that will put others at ease too - siva

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
24th Apr 2014 (#)

Most of us wear a mask all the time and change the mask as the situation demands. This is done to find acceptance or to achieve some goals. Being yourself is pretty difficult. Secondly, being yourself-what does it mean. Each person has three personalities: The real person, the person he thinks he is, the person he wants others to think of him. So which mask do you prefer?

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