Hatonn’s Question And Answer Forum: Entry Eight

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Dear ones, we will continue by giving you the eighth and last file belonging to the Hatonn "Question and answer Forum." We will break. Another writ or article will we post for the readers next later in our day. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

Hatonn's Question and Answer Forum

Dear ones, these particular question and answer periods are taken from another of our books “Beware of the Wolf in the Bushes of Delight” whilst the other set of question and answers are taken from the book “Blinkensop-the National Crime." – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


Tuesday, 19th September 1995

(10) RENI: In your answer to our third question you alluded to "intricate works of art covering the desert of Colorado." Can you please elaborate on that and tell us in what way the State of Colorado is of any military significance?

Is Colorado the Sister Colony?

HATONN: “Indeed, the significance for restructuring Base 51 proves of itself to hold the highest quality ever of metamorphic content inasfar as ‘saucer’ flying goes. In an effort to delineate the entire compound of Glucose Sugar, a base in northern Nigeria, they biggies this time around have seen fit among themselves to rather modulate the entire circumference of Nigeria with a barricade of sorts. Of course you won't see it, for it is lighted with a clandestine structure obliterating the darkness of the surrounding countyside. Just a speck there! Well, to prove themselves even more worthy of their departmental flavour of themselves, they even quelled the very existence of the Neanderthal Delights, for whom I'm sure that they full well have known in ages past! Well, on with the story.

“Who started the Colorado Departmental Base of 51? Hindsight should have surely told the people of the surrounding places, that no effort ever put forth through any governmental activity has ever been subjected to the question of who, where, and why. That just isn't done now, is it people?

“Well, here is one questioner, that just may pull down the shades over his own eyes for this one. Fortunately for him, he knows next to nothing of the genuine routine of force indictment! Have fun with this one, Comrades, and sleep tight! File closed.

“HATONN dispelling for the moment. Thank you for time, Seila. Out on frequency departure. (Let them trace that one!)”

(Note: This next question we have included for the information of the reader. It was addressed in a different time frame. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries)

(11) RENI: At times we get the impression, that the Government is using UFO and other advanced technology in creating sundry disasters for the purpose of then turning around and blaming our extraterrestrial brothers for the damage. Is such a campaign of slander actually being conducted?

Slander or What!

HATONN: “Not only is such being conducted, but well you should ask as to when it started. May 10th of 1995 our Government by intrigue and hindsight strived to elaborate upon the one god-given talent they seem to ride on when and where should the place of their next contact be. As I have stated while writing ‘Blinkensop - the National Crime,’ I elaborated on the grave mistreatment of our brothers in general. Let me reiterate and even go a step further.

“In the 50's in general, platitudes were sent out over the airwaves and condolences sent out to redeem themselves with those of higher credential, namely the extraterrestrials. Deals were made with one or two groups, who dearly were striving toward universal peace, and what they met with was not only the taking of their lives by those temporal crafty ones, but also a type of sabotage upon the crafts of their choosing.

“Governmental agencies were not aware, that this was even going on, but instrumentation had declared all extraterrestrial craft in the vicinity of the Earth plane herself to be put under close surveillance until the time of recouping the wealth in the skies was able to get under way.

“So included in the wrath of Khan, liberated machos of the third deliberation simply won over in friendship those of the greatest ratio, and proceeded to take liberties with the public of their choice. You understand? What I am saying here is, that your prime abductor, people, are crewmen from your own Government!

“Why is it that you remember nothing, or your memory is so faded, that seldom do you even believe yourself where you were? Manifesto drugs were your guide, and everything that happened to guard you out of your slumber would certainly be accounted for by those men in the acquasuits.

“Not to say here that all abductions are not alien, but what I'm saying is conceivable. JUST AS THE ENTRAILS WERE NEVER TO BE FOUND FROM THE CATTLE WHO DIED, SO WILL YOUR MEMORY NEVER BE TRIGGERED JUST AS TO THE HORROR OF YOUR EXPERIENCE OF EXACTLY WHO OR WHAT ABDUCTED YOU ONTO THEIR SHIP OF DISGUISE! Understand that the fruitfulness of the situation was merely conducted not so much to hurt any of you serious complainants, but rather to merit a worth of undying fearstruck sensation upon the populace.

“That is enough for now. We thank you. HATONN out.” (End quote)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

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