Hatonn Files: Entry 21 - Q & A: On The "Virgin Mary," Her "Apparitions," The Birth Of Jesus, Etc.

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Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, once again, resolves the questions, which include that of whether the "Marian apparitions" were real as posited by the catholic church. And was Jesus of the womb of Mary as written in the Bible? Captain James Galiac Sananda, the christed One, answers it with dispatch - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

“Well, Good Evening, or rather Good Morning from our end, lass. And yes, I have already briefed what contemptuous religiosity has done to the people so far upon your world you reside in for a time and a shortened whit only longer, and am quite satisfied, Jamie, that our answers will correct all misconceptions of where we stand in relation to those others ‘down below’ should we say – most spontaneously ..." - Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

October 26, 2013 4:30 pm

4:16 pm

Uthrania: Good Afternoon, Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn! Once again do we come before you with questions to which answers of the higher degree are required, Sir.

Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn: “Well, Good Evening, or rather Good Morning from our end, lass. And yes, I have already briefed what contemptuous religiosity has done to the people so far upon your world you reside in for a time and a shortened whit only longer, and am quite satisfied, Jamie, that our answers will correct all misconceptions of where we stand in relation to those others ‘down below’ should we say – most spontaneously.

“We see, son, that you are already starting to scribe. Soon you will be of the foremost ‘apparition’ in the Spanish speaking world, and isn’t it nice to have the internet after all without having to actually reside there? Well, (Captain Hatonn puts his fingers around the face of his black strapped watch with the white face and looks intently at it. – Rania)

“Well, we still have of ourselves a few more minutes, so I am going to go and get a coffee myself. Would any of you like anything whilst I am at it? Lass, lad?”

Uthrania: Jamie? No thank you Commander. We are both fine.

4:24 pm

(Note: The reader may notice gaps in time where we sit and watch before more words are recorded. And this before the session ever begins. For this we offer no apology. It is natural, therefore, to watch the movements of those around us indicative entirely of the sequence and movement of the Captain and his crew. – Rania)

4:30 pm

Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn: “Jamie, please present your first question in sequence as Captain Murdock is coming on line at ten o’clock your time, Uthrania?”

Uthrania: No, Sir. I do not have Captain Jeremiah Murdock on schedule for tonight. I believe I have Captain James Galiac Sananda at six thirty.

(Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn leans over the arm of his bench chair which is clothed in the grill and hammer style ‘tattoo,’ as they call it, with the darkened burgundy pillow-pump just blown up a little firmer to suit the Captain in his mood. – Rania)

An Earthquake Shook The Churches

Credit: RT on You Tube

Jamie: Yes, Sir. First question: Commander, last October 15, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook Bohol and Cebu Islands in the Philippines. In its wake 10 churches which were centuries-old crumbled (some were reduced to rubble and others seriously damaged). Now what is the significance of them collapsing simultaneously after they had stood intact for centuries since the Spanish times? (Fortunately, or ironically enough, there were few casualties as the tremor occurred on a Muslim holiday when people stayed at home.)

Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn: “No need to reread it to me, Rania, my child, for I am quite of the capable nature to read it for myself once again.

“Alright, son. Now the answer to this is quite simple really. Never in the past have Lions Gate pull-jumpers, skin-divers, as you tentatively know them by, ever sequenced (get the code, Steve?) sea-quenched mini nukes both around Japan (remember Fukushima, Jamie lad, and Rania lass?) such a line-up of mini-nukes all along where there is no fault line, and in the crevice also of the nearest fault line where a simulation of movement catastrophic enough to down the churches in one fell swoop, had before occurred within the history of the Philippino Islands and trans-Atlantic Japanese harbour trills, which make up the Solomon Islands as well ….so watch thee out!!

“Now, Jamie my boy, both escapades were for a major purpose, and that is the U.S. Government, Israel, and unfortunately, yes, even France, want to show people, who know our ships reside over the tight-knitted communities of both the Philippines, Georgia, the Russian tongue-in-cheek satellite state, and Japan, are not the friendly type of ‘aliens’ from outer space.

We clear up the mess. We prevent tornados in places throughout the State of Minnesota from touching down and eliminate hurricanes, six of them to be precise, and typhoons from touching down on the Philippines, Japan, China, and ‘Winnipeg,’ Georgia, and Holland, France, and we are stipend down to our bare shorts by the U.S. military front and its God-forsaken government who par-cheeses all over the place in their idiotic format to shake loose Captain Sananda’s book, Religion of the Decade, as he being the main cause of the destruction of the cathedrals, lad!

Churches, Temples, Synagogues, and what have you are alien structures really, for each one of you have at one time or the other come from the starships which have come from other worlds at the beginning of our seeding each one of you upon this planet.

“Therefore your teachings should be ‘alien,’ should they not? But you have not listened to us, your relatives, for a very long time. Did we take the Temples of Hell down? No, we did not. What we did do was ENLIST the assistance of our very own down troops in rescue activity, so lives lost were few if any. Now, next question, please, my son.”

Transferring The Soul To A New Body

Jamie: Second question: Sir, with the technological superiority in your world, is it possible for your lab technicians to perform a soul-transfer from one injured body to a new one, as you alluded to in one of your private messages to us, without the soul having to go through the normal birthing process?

Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn: “Well now, son. Yes, it is. But we need to utilize the soul body with enough active membrane within the chakras. A membrane which you cannot as yet see with most underdeveloped eyes which a Krillian camera might pick up.

“And foremost we do need the energy sample to move as a hand into a glove made of very elastic power. So thin, in fact, that when the transfer is made there will be no hard landing. Such is a live born fetus, is it not, which takes a smack on the rear end to start breathing? The fetus is already alive but remains in a state of catacomac sleep. So with the transfer of soul to body, so do we not want a cata-coma-c sleep.

“Therefore, there must be enough life energy which we call the ‘goal’ of the soul to permeate the mind or the essence into a waking state in order that the entire soul which is held together by the thin membrane be transferred immediately upon waking into its new casing or shell. Is that understood, lad? Lassie?”

(Jamie nods in agreement for both of us. – Rania)

The Apparitions Of The "Virgin Mary"

Jamie: Yes Sir. My third question is: How can you explain the phenomena of Marian apparitions, that is, did the “Virgin Mary” really appear to the children in Fatima, Portugal; to Bernadette in Lourdes, France; and again to the children in Medjugorje? Or were these merely figments of their imagination? And corollary to that, was Jesus (now Captain Galiac Sananda) born of Mary by way of so-called “immaculate conception”?

Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn: “Jamie my lad. Where there becomes within societal realms the practice of holograms, these enter into the picture or ‘historical’ realms to either support the mundane physical in their illusion in the negative, or the positive.

“Now, we all understand all too well, that the *Hellions came with their retarded (for they moved the people backward, which word means of course to retard) money creation system as they did with religiosity.

“Therefore it is cautious not of us to say they have also holographic technology which they ‘beam’ down before the people. And people in the Catholitistic religion are for one point herewithe most superstitious, and so they prove lifestream after lifestream to become easy targets for the Hellions and their otherworldly governments of which most of them now reside upon this earth, Angorius. Does that answer your question, Sir?

“In other words, holographic imagery is merely one of many tools which may be used to either fool the people back into slavery, or to progress them through the use of wide screen T.V. right out in the open by those of us who are seriously thinking of taking the majority of you home with us, albeit, to worlds more suited to your progression.

“And how will you tell whether the words of the Commanders on the wide screen T.V. are ours or not? We do not promote any typhoid of a money related system. We do not work on economic bondage. And we certainly do not expect nor do we wish to be worshiped as “Gods” or “Goddesses,” for only the faint of heart have any such supernatural good wishes toward us.

We plainly and frankly detest worship! We do NOT set up religions, and thereforth, one religion is not much better than the other. For all religions definitely TAKE AWAY the productivity of the human soul and keep the human in bondage. The soul and the pocketbook then belong once again to those who cry “Wolf!

“Every time they see a speck of light in the sky. And OMG, as some say, it is really time they all grew up and out of their eucalyptic shorts in most parts of the world. Next question please, Jamie, and then soon, I will have to tie this off and go.”

On Prayer And Healing

Jamie: Thank you, Sir. Now my fourth and last question: For the benefit and information of the religious still steeped in the tradition of worship and prayer in the belief that doing so would alleviate their sufferings, do prayers lead to cures as of the sick and in extreme cases to “miracles”?

Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn: “Jamie, it is not the prayer parse which lead to cures, but the unsuspecting belief in its entirety which correlates to less mischief in productivity. In other words, dear brother of ours also, Mark, and you too, Peter: Just imagine ‘without’ any doubts within your minds, your temporal craniums, that something must be so.

“Would you not then, Steve, the immortal ones, have already before you came back down here, as you all say, and though the temporal productive channel of the birthing process, then say you have arrived, and it would be so?

“See just how easy it is? Did the one needing healed grab the cloak of the Master? And was it then the essence of Sananda, the Jesus *‘christ,’ who healed by his very essence? It could well have happened that way, but it along with every philosophy of universal law and principle did not happen as your bible instructed it to be.

“And why was this? The only one looking was the one wanting healed.

“Sananda did not either feel nor see the one. But the one was positive that should the cloak of the Master be touched, he or she would be healed.

“For this happened more than once.

“So it was unshakable ‘belief’ which is the product of the rationing of ‘blessings’ around the holy tomb of ‘Mother Mary’ wherever she may be still produced, and not the icon itself.”

(Captain Hatonn looks down again at his watch and begins to stride quickly off the main deck. The Commander looks back over his shoulder and with a wave, commands me to sign off all channel frequencies. So just before Jamie and I get up to leave, I attend to my duty. – Rania)

"Immaculate Conception?" Captain Jeremiah Higgins Pitches In

Uthrania: Dupont 7 4 prix down in Tubeland9. Varasity4 and Linux 12. Rotor12 close off for me on Station 12, please, Colonel Hargrave Jr. And Lieutenant Waldorf, please continue in leaving Luzon 12, 4, 5 and 6 open please also for Captain Frank Herman Grifford situated over there in the Philippines. Good Evening from us all. And Good Night. Captain Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez Captain of the Galiac “Fireflies” and Team, in training under my brother, Sananda, James Galiac, Captain of the Stargazer. XStation 7 out at 5:24 pm

6:09 pm

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “I see you missed one, and I would like to be the one to answer this in particular, lass and laddie.”

Lieutenant Pollack: “Captain Sananda James Galiac is now on board, Sir, with a meeting with Captain Hatonn, Sir. Would you like to wait and see if he could intervene?”

Uthrania: No Lieutenant. Captain Jeremiah Higgins has graciously offered up his assistance. Thank you. Please proceed, Captain Higgins.

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “Thank you lass, most graciously do I accept your acclamation of mine own status and reasoning. (The Captain smiles over at us. – Rania)

Now, what indeed did, if anything, happen to the girl-child, whom you term as Mary, Marion, to be exact? Was Sananda conceived through illegitimate and obscure means, then?”

(Captain Sananda James Galiac walks through the door. A large man well suited to his dark navy blue tunic. Captain Sananda speaks..-Rania)

Captain James Galiac Sananda: (The Captain briefly pauses and looks directly at Captain Jeremiah Higgins. Captain Sananda offers a short smile. – Rania)

“Well, Jeremiah, would you like me to intervene or do you wish to continue in taking my subject from me from here?”

(Captain Jeremiah Higgins pauses and strokes his chin. – Rania)

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “Well, lad, I suppose I will leave that up to you. Born in Greece weren’t you? (The Captain laughs. Captain Sananda smiles as he looks down at the floor. – Rania)

Captain Jeremiah Higgins: “Balderdash! You take over.” (Captain Jeremiah Higgins gets up to leave his chair and motions his arm for Sananda to be seated. – Rania)

Was Jesus Born Of Mary? Captain James Galiac Sananda Speaks

Captain James Galiac Sananda: “Well, Rania, and I see you are here present too, Jamie, my boy. Let us continue our dictation for 6:30 tomorrow my time and let us just get this finished.” (Captain James Galiac Sananda clears his throat and puts his hand just above the right knee of his navy blue corduroy rather closely fitting trousers. The Captain begins to speak. – Rania)

Captain James Galiac Sananda: “I came from the ship. Mary did not have me. She was pregnant with another: my cousin, John the Baptist. He did not come from the ship, and if you believe all this nonsense to do with lineage and the likes of the stipend turtle so far up in the skies, then you will believe anything, won’t you?

“I came down from the ships, but some story has always to be made up, has it not? And in case none of you have priorly noticed, stories are always made up to hide the real event, or what really happened!

“And whom was John the Baptist? The light shining down was off the ships. A ship. Period. Marion was a good girl. Did nothing wrong. And why on earth am I, a Captain in the fleet of Federated starships, deciding to speak in elementary linguistics?

Because you are all blind, deaf, tone deaf, and quite dumb. That is why. I was dropped off, and a story was made up. Good Night!”

Uthrania: Thank you Captain Jeremiah Higgins, and Captain James Galiac Sananda. Tying off ultra-terrainian channel Dupont Common 4.2 and Dupont Common 4.3. 6:31 pm.

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

* christ - Please note that the word 'christ' is not a name but simply a 'state of being' wherein one reaches when one becomes enlightened in respect to working within universal principle and the laws which govern the universes and all within. - Rania

* Hellions - The Hellions are a race that introduced everything that is the opposite of what our commanders, our forefathers and foremothers taught from the very beginning. when they instituted a paradisaical system without money nor religion. - Jamie

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