Hatred Hurts the Hater

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Dammapada in Pali with English translation. Pali is the language spoken by the Buddha. Like other sacred languages, some teachers believe the language itself channels energy into a more positive balanced and harmonious formation. It makes the flow more symmetrical, perhaps.

Bhante Devananda, Indiana Buddist Temple Pali liturgy of Buddha's Dammapada

The wise man makes an island that cannot be flooded by passion. Just as a well thatched house has a roof that does not leak; passion does not penetrate a well developed mind. In our current world we are tempted to focus on emotion and on self on labels of others on judgments and laws of others. Passion leads to attachment. By practicing discipline and walking the middle road with a pure mind we plant seeds which sprout, into Nibbana, freedom from bondage. Our impure thoughts leading to attachments in this world bond us as slaves to the circle of kamma, like an ox pulls a cart, we are the ox, the cart is our kamma, the literal weight of our actions. 

Bhante AbbyJoananda's Dhamma:

1. do no harm; 2. do good but only if you are certain it is good. if not, see #1. Socrates filter: (a) is it true? (b) is it supportive or critical? (c) is it useful. Or did anyone ask for your "help?" Is this helping you or the person receiving it? How can you be sure?

So when in doubt, do no harm, stop with that. I've seen a lot of clergy that do that as a convenient excuse for hiding behind a robe of some sort. Buddha, I believe, wanted us to take some risks to reach out, because intention is what is important. Pure intention to love unconditionally, to serve others. In life sometimes true intentions are not seen for what they are. If the intended recipient knows only doubt, fear, hatred, judgment because that is the only imprint life has made on that person, they cannot see purity in any act. They will reject the "help" they will also make up some story to cover for their inability to receive, often something negative about the giver. It's a scam, a trick, it has to be how could it be real, an angel, what mental illness, yes, I have heard those things myself at times. Buddha's parents must have thought him to be quite mentally ill to first starve himself then to sit under a tree then wander about in saffron robes telling these stories of his and gazing at sun. It's not what you do, it's how you do it.

Intention. Positive intention (serve others? really serve. really others no hidden agenda) Negative intention (selfishness? greed, sloth, gluttony, rage, etc.) This puts a "spin" on the action. A torsion field is created.

My drill bit twists one way clockwise to go inside wood to make a hole. It goes counter clockwise the other way to get out of the hole thus made. Positive torsion creates, negative torsion destroys, something like that. Each thought, word and deed is set in motion with a twist depending on the primary intention that was in our mind when we ACTED. If we create small imbalance, say stepping on somebody's foot at the checkout line, we have to balance it, attachment is created, somebody steps on our foot next time we go there, maybe the same person. If we murder somebody in cold blood, big imbalance is created, big attachment. If murder is provoked by government or media as vigilante justice justified by "fear" still big kamma attachment/debt created, why? because the intention was not to preserve life, it was to take justice into human hands instead of relying on Buddha's teaching: kamma balances itself. When we try to meddle, we make more attachment, we stay here in the land of attachments until our balance is zero. It is the pure mind that does not create more negative attachments after reaching zero balance.

I see sometimes that each thing created by man is a kind of echo of another teaching, a kind of attempt to teach/learn something more spiritual. One can pay off all one's credit cards, and then live on cash. One can then distill this further and give up cash and live on barter. A German woman did so and made a film about it. One can give up meat and become a vegetarian. One can then give up eggs, dairy and become a vegan. One can then take up sun gazing and become so good at it one becomes a breatharian. There is no limit here to how pure one can try to be. The physical reality is an echo of the pure mind. One pure minded woman can manifest 100% effective barter, she uses no money and never lacks anything. Monks have been doing that for centuries. One man in India is able to live on sun and water, trees have been doing that for millions of years.

It's not a competition or a matter of copying any particular high achiever. It is a matter of staying tuned to that pure state of mind. It is not that sh*t no longer happens, it does, but we stop amplifying it and it never becomes a big deal. Reverend Ed bakes Tassajara Bread so well he can teach a zen baking class and make a film about it. But in the film he throws a tantrum for about three minutes because it's difficult to remove a safety seal from a package of food he needs to open to make the dough for the bread, and the camera is rolling. The film is not edited because even Reverend Ed's tantrum is training, because it's short, we see him struggle and overcome the temptation to sit there and be angry at the food package. When we finally watch our "selfie" we see the divine comedy in this and how it's so perfect it must be funny and God must be a writer.

Just the act of being here, holding light within our bodies and minds, which follows us instead of a dark "shadow" (I am being followed by a moon shadow...) here in this rather dense dark place that can be hell to some, just doing this much standing here with a little candle, that's enough. This dark place that can be green and beautiful as well, is where kamma is burnt, so while others proceed with what they must do, we hold light.

We hold it because in a dark place any light is useful, a small votive candle can illuminate a church, can give us a focus for our prayers, remind us of our eternal flame and is in a way a tiny sun. We can start practicing by stopping the self-punishment. No attachment, no punishment. No judgment, no labels. No attachment, our mind is not completely erased from day to day but the expectations are, the attachments are, the tentacles of thoughts that want to go to familiar places and things, to control them...instead we let the flow just happen. We become the mantra, the flow, the river flows through us, we no longer obstruct and we become a transparency in time/space, we ascend above the darkness and into the light which is as real as the sun is real.

Blessings from Aloha, Oregon


Dammapada, Pali, Sri Lanka

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author avatar Deepizzaguy
2nd May 2015 (#)

I remember a saying that wishing someone evil is like drinking poison and expecting the person you wish for the poison to take effect will work. It does not work at all.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
3rd May 2015 (#)

Beautiful way to live in peace and coexistence. Hatred should be eschewed, never allowed to dwell. Nothing is permanent and attachment brings only misery - it leads to living in exclusion. Respond to those in real need and just carry on will lead to world peace. Believing in the oneness of creation and igniting the uniqueness in each will spur the creative process with us playing our role as co-creators - siva

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