Haunted Crematory at Hyderabad

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Exploring the haunted happenings at the Crematorium located at Hyderabad city of Pakistan.

Exploring the Hyderabad City

Hyderabad is a city which is located in the Sindh, which is one of the largest province of the country Pakistan. Hyderabad is among the top ten largest cities of the country and the second largest after Karachi in Sindh province.
The city has major population of Muslims but there are lots of Hindus colonies established there for quite a long time.
Hyderabad’s biggest museum is the "Sindh Museum" because it has lots of things of archaeological aspects of Indus valley civilization.

The Hyderabad Crematorium

The Hyderabad Crematorium , located near the Badin Chowk, is the most horrifying place on this earth.
This place is around 250 years old and there are the graves as well as the burning places of the dead of Hindu community better known by the name Thakur. The Urdu or Hindi word for the crematory is Shamshan Ghat

The Haunted Happenings

Many people claim that the ghosts/demons/djinns are witnessed there at night. Lots of sightings of playing and screaming children coming and disappearing are the normal things for this Shamshan Ghat. The nearby people have also witnessed the bride walking here and there in the territory of the Yard.
According to the gate keeper, the labours who came to repair and clean the place left their work because they said: We have come here to work, not to die. Most of them got some illness and many of them have complained about the strange noises coming from the graves.
The grave digger himself saw a child coming out of his grave and changed to a middle aged man all at once.

The Graves

This image shows the graves inside the Shamshan Ghat which belong to the Thakur cast of Hindu brothern.

The Location

The location on the google map will give you a clear site about the location where this Shamshan Ghat or Crematory is located.

The most Authentic Ghost Photo

In 2009 , the local ghost hunters of Pakistan visited that place and caught the picture of the child sitting on the place where the dead bodies are burned. To me , it is just a claimed real picture of the ghostly child in Shamshan Ghat and I can not say with surety whether that might be real or unreal. See by yourself and decide. See this video from 3:21-3:23 (That was incidentally caught).


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