Have We Subconsciously Caused Our Own Hatred Among Ourselves?

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Have we all noticed that majority of society classifies each individual in over 10 different ways and many of us fall into over 5 different categories? Maybe you haven't noticed. Some of us find it hard to make friends and "fit in." Why do you think that is?

Think about...

Sad to say, history has molded many of us today to not be able to accept other individuals for several different reasons. Many of us judge and categorize people and don't even realize it. Many of us do, and don't even realize how serious the degree of it is, and how it actually may be affecting your life.

We often classify people based on several different things and have even judged them based on it. Think about how many people you may have asked or have wanted to know your location, more so, your birthplace (race). How many people have you or has judged you because of your skin color? What about weight? Hair style/texture/color? Any questions about sexuality ever come into place and change your perception about someone or vice versa? What about the God that is or is not acknowledged and/or praised. Political views? Education? Employment and Income level? How about your family size? Don't forget any questions marital status. Eating habits, disabilities, hobbies, and this list can seriously go on and on.

Think about how quick we classify people and judge people based on things we may actually hate to be classified and judged upon. What if someone ONLY looked at your skin color, or ONLY looked at how much money you make, or ONLY looked at what color your hair is, or ONLY looked at what clothes you had on, or ONLY looked at how many people you have in your family. What if you were judged because you ONLY liked the color blue, or ONLY liked red or ONLY like yellow. Guess what? It happens. People are dying (suicide, homicide) over simple minded judgements that could be avoided by compromise and understanding. It's easier said than done, but the more we help one another and understand that we are all different for several reasons, the more positive things will occur.

Imagine if we ALL were the same and did the SAME thing and had the same of EVERYTHING. How could we progress in life? How could we know about different cultures and lifestyles? What would it be worth to travel the world and see different things? How could and would we learn if we were not all different........?

Think about your words and think about how you can influence someone each day in a positive way. Also think about how to turn a negative situation into a positive outcome with positive gestures. Think about how you can change someone's life and perception each day. A smile goes a long way :) UniqueShines.com


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