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Ariela Sophia By Ariela Sophia, 19th Jan 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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God loves us,believes in us and is ever ready to let us in.

Your Way

The events of these past days have been giving me reasons to think,reasons to question the decisions I made in the past,reasons to think about Life.
Life isn't a bed of roses. There are good times and bad times. There are days when we feel inspired,some days we feel insipid. In all honesty no matter how hard we try we are not perfect. God knows.
We have done things we are not proud of,things that the thought of them fills us with shame.We have hurt ourselves and others.

Knowing your weakness and working on it takes courage,it's hard to admit to it. In one way or another we have messed up,taken God for granted,wasted time worrying about everything and nothing. Done things that added no value to our lives. We all have made mistakes. Mistakes that we are not proud of and a past we are ashamed of but God knows and He still loves us beyond measures. No matter how bad the things we have done are,we can start over. It's not about our families,it's not about our friends,it is about us.just us and God. Be transparent for a minute. In all honesty be real,there's nothing to hide from him,he knows all.
As earlier mentioned knowing you are wrong and admitting to it,takes courage. Asking for forgiveness shows you are ready to become a better person. We should come to a point where we can say Lord, I am ready to start all over,ready to let you fix me. Ready to let you have your way. I can't do it on my own,I can't make it without you. Lord,just have your way in me.


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I am an optimist. A combination of melancholic and choleric traits. My writings will be inspirational and very original. I hope to be able to reach out through my writings.

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