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This page is about one Myron Fagan,a famous american mostly known for his lecture about the Illuminati in the late sixty's.

Myron Fagan

Myron Fagan was a American,he was a writer and producer for movies and theater,he started in Broadway in 1906 and was one of the youngest playwrights in American Theater,he was respected in his field and a well respected individual.
In 1945 Myron Fagan claimed to have seen secret documents on meetings in Yalta,these documents were shown to him by one John T.Flynn and were the reason
Myron Fagan wrote the plays Red Rainbow,and Thieves Paradise revealing a Red Conspiracy in Hollywood that is used to promote communism and a new One World Government.
In relation to these two plays congressional hearings were held and over 300 hundred famous stars,writers,Hollywood,TV and Radio directors were investigated resulting in the imprisonment of the famous Hollywood Ten.
After these events Myron spent the rest of his career as a anti communism activist and is best known for his two and a half hour speech exposing the Illuminati,secret societies and the New World Order,this lecture that can be watched for free on Youtube tells of how Banking family the Rothchilds launched a agenda for world domination,paying one Adam Weishaupt to set up a plan to control the worlds governments,this speech gives clear evidence and facts that this secret group the Illuminati strategized all the wars during the last two hundred years as a tool in achieving there One World Government.
He exposes the Council Foreign of Relations,the International Bankers and the United Nations as the main front runners trying to enslave the United States into a slaved unit of the United Nations
All of the things which Myron Fagan talks about is built on history and research,this is not some crazy conspiracy that can not be proved,there is a lot of actual
evidence showing that the people who control our system today got there with murderous and savage actions,all covered up with the miss use of power.
Myron Fagan had something very important to talk about and risked his career,reputation ad even his life talking about the things that he spoke about,men
were imprisoned because of his words yet most people have not heard of him,you will not see his name or story promoted through the media and you will not learn his name in schools,the hidden hand he was speaking out against has done a fine job at keeping him out of American history,but luckily through alternative media and new information sharing tools such as the internet and Youtube he will not be forgotten by all.


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