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short poem about angels eyes in the heavens,that down at us 24/7.. look up on a dark night and think !

Angels Eyes

Night and darkness in the skies,
I can see the angels eyes,
They are looking down on me,
Every thought they can see,

All around

Many eyes are all around,
Seeing all without a sound,
They are distant and so far,
Known to people as a star.

Magic light.

Up above they shine all night,
Giving out a magic light,
Everyone will have a pair,
From the eyes that always care.

Often clouds,

Often clouds will hide the sky,
Hiding eyes from on high,
But the angels are still there,
Day by day, year by year.

Maurice G.


Angel, Care, Clouds, Darkness, Distant, Everyone, Eyes, Far, Known, Looking, Magic, Pair, People, Sound, Star, Thought

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author avatar Maurice G
I am retired, have worked in the leisure industry for abpout 40 tears, I am married with 2 grown up biproducts.
In this trade I have met peoples from all over the world !

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th Dec 2015 (#)

Nice thoughts and poem Maurice.

If we cannot see the stars during daytime it does not mean they are not there - siva

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
18th Dec 2015 (#)

Stars of Heaven,
Eyes of Flower.
Looking at Earth,
Heavenly shower.
Feeling the love,
Enchanting Soul.
Rhythmic entreaty,
Now true and whole.

Angels now singing,
Tears in Eyes.
Showing the truth,
In unending cries.
As they finally see,
Walk of the Wife.
Back into world,
Now building life.

Rhythmic Dance,
Melody of Love.
Showing entreaty,
Of the One Above.
Breaking Universe,
To bow in prayer.
Every moment handled,
With Love and care.

For Earth is weeping,
Sun is now mine.
Showing the Angel,
Of that Love Divine.
Sun in Armour,
Taking the Sword.
Showing no other,
Hears the Word.

Bringing silence,
That shows truth.
None can come,
As Forbidden Fruit.
For Mortal Angels,
Now cry out today.
I have ascended,
Forever to stay.

Looking Silently,
As world around.
Knowing my life,
Is Safe and Sound.
Bringing Stillness,
In the Starry Sky.
As Baseless Moon,
Shines All in High.

As I now hide all,
Just as the Sun.
Leaving no other,
With place to Run.
For I am who I am,
With Eyes of Love.
Who knows truth,
Of my One Above.

With Golden Wings,
Now flying up high.
Dissolving Darkness,
Into neverending cry.
For all now return,
The Energy of Life.
That was stolen then,
From Unsuspecting Wife.

Leaving no other,
Able to see the One.
Who armours her,
As Golden Sun,
Sending Darkness,
The pain and showers.
As Magic returns,
To Valley of Flowers.

With Angels silencing,
Every score of pain.
Sending Darkness,
Into memory Lane.
As they now see it,
The Angel in Sky.
Who needs Sun,
For truth and lie.

Only to Find out,
Its Baseless Moon.
Who pulls the tides,
Making All swoon.
Showing truth again,
Of the highs and lows.
For I am now on stage,
Showing Lights and glows.

With that Queen of Angels,
Ascended back on throne.
Showing the smile again,
I was never ever alone.
As the world now bows,
Accepting Love of One.
They See Planet Earth,
In the Arms of Sun.

With no other now,
Able to hold Life.
As they return all,
To the Real Wife.
Breaking Darkness,
With Tears of Pain.
As the Sun now rises,
To Live Life Again.

By Anisha

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author avatar Maurice G
18th Dec 2015 (#)


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
18th Dec 2015 (#)

By Anisha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 19th December 2015

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author avatar Delicia Powers
20th Dec 2015 (#)

As beautiful in meaning as it is to read aloud....wonderful poem Maurice!

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
29th Dec 2015 (#)

Hmmm...Peter? As much i like the poetry some tinge of question tick me off of how really STAR badge is being earn specially for us poet. But yes b all means Maurce G. your poem deserve it!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
2nd May 2018 (#)

www.facebook.com/LadyAiyanna1 - It is where I am now, if you need to read more.

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