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True story of the pet parrot helping solve the murder of the lady of the house. Wife of an editor of a newspaper, murdered one night while alone at home and Police clueless for days. Seeing parrot restless and terrified at the presence of nephew of the editor, pressing with further probe of the parrot. Parrot goes to spill the beans that It was the nephew who killed the house lady.

Editor Siri threatend

After finishing with his breakfast, Siri sitting in his mini office in the study was checking into news stories to be carried into his next publication. Telephone starts ringing Siri picks up the receiver Caller was a local politician against whom his publication had carried some news day before. Caller was threatening Siri of dire consequences, this lead into heated arguments between them. Midway the arguments, Siri puts down the receiver as if smashing the same on callers head. This had Siri agitated for a while disturbing his cool and also concentration. Then he thought of having a hot cup of coffee before he continued with his work.
“Minu get me a cup of hot coffee” he calls his wife and waits as there was no answer, Siri repeated
“Minu where are you, said get me a cup of coffee”

Seeing people glued to their cells agitates Siri

Again there was no answer from his Minu, Siri losing his patience gets up and rushes to the drawing room where he expected Minu. But not finding Minu in the hall, he goes looking for her in kitchen then to the bedroom. The house wearing a deserted look as the both the children had left for school. There she was in the bedroom talking over her cell.
“So you are here glued to your cell while I have been calling and looking for you every where” annoyed Siri was almost yelling at Minu, who signaled him to be quite as she was talking over her mobile. But this did not go to stop agitated Siri and he continued,
I would like to shoot the bloody inventor of mobile, he invented a disease. Anywhere and everywhere these days one can see people glued to their cells unmindful of the world around. How many fatal accidents taking place daily due to this?
“OK. Will call you back” said Minu over the cell cutting short the call knowing well that seeing people glued to their cells irritated Siri and moved towards her husband,
“Was talking to Rekha who called to remind that we were to attend her wedding reception tomorrow night without fail” smiling she replied to her husband who still looked angry.
“That’s OK but should also listen to calls, have been calling and had to leave my work to come all the way looking for Madam”, Siri was almost shouting as both entered the drawing room.

Talking Parrot

Shut up and Keep Quite” now it was turn of their pet parrot Goldie
This went to infuriate Siri further and he rushed towards Goldie as if he was going to smash Minu’s favorite talking Parrot, which he could not do as he knew parrot was her wife’s favorite. Minu had Parrot trained in talking and was a good company for her while her husband busy with his work and children either away to their school or busy with their home-work and studies.
“Why pour out your anger on my dear poor Goldie”, said Minu standing in between the two “told you many a times not to bring home your professional tensions to disturb the peace at home.
“Stop lecturing and get me hot cup of coffee in study room” , resigned Siri walked back to his study to get back to his news selection work.
“Go and do your work” Parroted Goldie as Siri walked back to his study while Minu stood there to have some fun with his beloved pet.
Walking towards study Siri looked back at the parrot, who also continued staring at him then his wife. Minu was enjoying her Goldie’s teasing comments on her husband. She understand well Siri publication business and stories published by him as editor getting him into trouble with his exposes, unsettling him at times. She will try to calm down his nerves with her grin at such times. While the parrot was a fun to lighten ups the environment.
“You naughty boy why anger my dear husband”
“He shouts” parrot retorted making Minu to smile she knew how well parrot cared for her and the peace at home.
“My darling Goldie” taping at the cage with loving care Minu walked into the kitchen to prepare coffee for Siri.

Siri and Children go to Wedding

Next evening they all had to leave for wedding of Minu’s cousin, but since Minu suffered from migraine for whole the day and was feeling drained out she could not accompany her husband and children. There in the wedding everyone, from bride to all of the relatives enquired about Minu as she was close to her cousin and she did not turned up at such an important occasion. Celebrations continued till post midnight.
Siri, worried about Minu who was alone back home and also not well, was driving fast as he had to cover eighty km of distance before he will be with his wife. He was thinking of Minu had she been there at the wedding party she also would have enjoyed a lot. At the same time her relatives also would have been very much pleased by her presence as she mixed up with people with well. Everyone there missed her and talked about her.
Both the children were dozing off at the back seat of the car. They were tired as Ravi had been dancing whole the night with other biggies and whereas Priya was the darling of all the relatives as she was representing her mother there.
“How was the marriage party children”, Siri enquired of them without looking back just also to check if they were awake.
“Enjoyyyyed beeery much” Ravi could hardly reply being half asleep and there was no word from Priya , Siri looked back, Priya was lying fast asleep on the back seat whereas Ravi being half asleep and sitting in the corner. Siri kept pressing on the escalator of the car so as to reach home sooner where the tired children can have proper rest on their beds. In a few more minutes time car was at the gate of their house.

Wife of Editor Siri Murdered back home

Siri was dismayed on seeing the main entrance not locked from inside as Minu was home. Fearing for something wrong he hurried inside the house to his shock he found his pet dog Pepsi lying dead in the pool of blood. With his heart panting loudly he goes to look for Minu and flabbergasted to find her too stabbed and lying dead in sofa in the drawing room. Siri was under such a state of shock that he could not even call his children while he tried to call them, his voice failed him. Later, Siri thanked God that children did not notice the gory sight as they were in their sleep and straight rushed to their room where they threw themselves into the bed. He stood by the body of Minu for a while not knowing what to do as he had completely gone blank. After getting back to his sense, he remembered his close friend Binni who also into Investigative journalism though working for another publication. Siri was hardly able to speak on his mobile. As Binni lived nearby, coming to know about the tragedy he reached Siri’s house in no time. After reaching the site of the gruesome murder of the lady whom he addressed Bhabhi (Sister-in-law) out of affection and respect. He immediately called the police station of the area that he knew well being in Investigative journalism. The police was there at Siri’s residence in about half an hour time.
After reaching the site police started their work, questioning Siri and looking for some clues left by the killers. The case looked of robbery and murder. The cupboard was left open, articles lay scattered on the floor. After a close check Siril found jewelry, cash and other valuables worth lacs of Rupees were missing.

Police clueless

Apparently it being a robbery and murder case, but the local police was not taking any chances. Knowing Siri running news paper and was having trouble over exposes. After completing with its primary investigation, photographing the body and the scene of crime, the body was sent for postmortem.
Police investigation got going; they went on calling local politicians and the contractors next day , who were recently exposed by Siri’s paper. Police also looked for clues around the scene repeatedly and checked with the neighborhood if they had heard or seen anything then or before some suspicious activity. Four days and police investigation was not leading them anywhere. People connected with the local media took out protest procession to police authorities for their failure to nab the culprits.
Police found rounded up a suspect a milk man who used to deliver milk at Siri’s residence till recently. Police interrogated Siri’s milk man who had been sulking and threatening Siri after the land deal mediated by him went sour as he demanded his commission. But Police found nothing to implicate him in the crime.
Ten days after the crime and Police was drawing blank as its investigation at the end ran into blind alley. At the same time pressure by media and public on the police authorities increasing by the day for its failure to solve the case.

Parrot Goldie the Detective helps the Cops

Siri’s close friend Binni, a batcher and he an investigative journalist remained in his friends company all these days, while also applying his investigative skill to get hold of some clue. Siri’s parents who had arrived from village had stayed back to be with their aggrieved son and grandchildren for some more time while other relatives left for their jobs and homes. Siri' job at his office started late in the day so friends and other relatives will drop at his residence in the morning.
One morning both the friends discussing some issue at Siri’s drawing while sipping hot coffee Siri’s mother had prepared for them. There was bell at the door which was opened by Siri’s mother. It was Siri’s nephew Ashmit, after wishing his uncle and his friend Binny he helped himself into the sofa.
“Did police find out anything about the killer” Asked Ashmit showing his concern.
To this Siri only nodded in negative without speaking anything. As after the loss of his wife this question had been more depressing for him that the killers of his wife going scot free and not nabbed all these days.
After Ashmit had left, Binni rose to his feet as his eyes always looking for some clue. Walked to Goldie cage and stood observing the parrot that had gone calm and quiet, after fluttering and running in the cage short while ago.
“Siri “ called called his friend without looking back at him who was lost thinking something.
“What happened now?”
“Have you noticed something” Binni sounded serious
“What”, Siri had not seen Binny as serious before, this brought him to his feet, while Binny continued with his observation of the pet parrot.
“I have noticed that at earlier occasion also when your this nephew, what is his name, yes Ashim visited or passed by Goldie, parrot starts running around its cage and looks terrified. “ said Binny trying to read into the meaning into parrot’s this strange behavior.
This perplexed Siri who was not prepared to believe what his friend wanted to convey to him asked disagreeing “ You mean……..” leaving the sentence incomplete.
Knowing that his friend was not finding it easy to take parrot’s strange behavior seriously, but Binny remained persistent.
Binny then drew his friend to his further investigation with the parrot. Both of them pressed with their interrogation of parrot calling names one by one before the parrot. Siri will call names of his relatives and visitors before Goldie. Parrot will not react to any name but while it will hear the name of Siri’s nephew, ‘ Ashmit , parrot will start screaming,
“He killed” “He killed”


Detective Parrot, Emotional Connection, Paying Back By Pet

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