He celebrated a fair in his remembrance

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The elephant heard his cry and came near him. The guard feared and started running.

One day the short elephant died

There lived a short elephant in a forest near Nallamala hills. His mother was blind. This was the haunting grief of the elephant. The other elephants of the forest had mate the other elephants of the forest has made short elephant their king. Thus, short elephant has many servants. He was sending fruits to her mother through the servants. But the servant elephants were eating all the fruits themselves. The short elephant got the information from his mother. He was upset. He took his mother and reached a hill region and started living there in a cave. He decided not to live amidst selfish elephants. There was a lake near the cave. The elephant used to go there to drink water.

One day a forest guard had come there and he was crying. The elephant heard his cry and came near him. The guard feared and started running.

The short elephant called – him and said Oh! Man! I don't do anything. Why do you fear? Stop. I just wanted to ask you the reason for your cry. Let me know. I shall help you'.
The guard was non fearless. `I don't know the path to Kurnool. I have to go there. That's why i was weeping' he said.
The short elephant look him on his back and left him at Kurnool outskirts.
The guard thanked the elephant and entered Kurnool.

After few days the royal elephant of the King needed an elephant in its place. He announced that who ever gives a clue of an elephant which can fill the place of the royal elephant they will be given a prize. The guard heard the announcement. He went to the king and said that he has seen a short elephant and if an army is sent along with him the elephant could be caught and brought here. The king accordingly.

The elephant was caught and brought to the place. The king ordered his servants to adorn the elephant with costumes and jewels.
The short elephant's mother was crying as her son didn't come. `Oh God! Please save my son' thus she cried.
The king saw the elephant and was happy. He told his servants to give enough food to the elephant. But the elephant did not touch the food given to him. The servants informed the elephant's behaviour to the king.
The king himself appeared in front of the elephant and said, Gajaraja
, please save food. You will be made royal elephant. This is a great hour'.
The elephant replied, `O king, First take me to my mother's place. She is blind. She has not taken food'.

The king felt that he has done a mistake by separating the elephant and his mother. Immediately he ordered his servants to leave the elephant where he was.
The servants left the elephant in the forest. The short elephant was happy with his mother.

One day the short elephant died. The king installed its statue near the lake. He celebrated a fair in his remembrance.


A Fair, He Celebrated, His Remembrance

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Awesome post and story Madu!

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