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Here's a lengthy intense spiritual warfare poem of a new original style experiment. Starting off simple and increase in complexity. It's still rhyme though.


Only hope, soul and growth, these flows are home-made
Sown phrase, controlling, soap... got the wrong name
Long ways, like open roads, or the old days
Zones, the wrong lane, foes, impose, but I got
Road rage
My domain has blown like the trumpets 'cause it's around that time...
Just ain't recognizing He though, ain't using carnal methods
Only exercising the growth, that shew, some part of heaven
Martyr presence
Needless to say
And I'm connect to lightning, blessing, striking, essence, I check it
Expecting all disclosed, call these clothes, insignificant, hear, end listening
To only some
It's clear what evil fear, the devil's jealous, yea, I'm zealous though, and I never held nobody back
Ignoring all that is unfair, clever methods, I'm focus, on something other than, butter and
What's said from the devil
I strive to tune it, O
Seriously, mysteriously, punishment from the One Who sent me (Some deserve it)
Petty but the others ain't, I rub the page, and smear the pencil marks, the venom starts
From the slightest, I picked a fishtank, random, nights, I wish hate would disappear
And this change...
For nature is my therapy, grace, declaring peace, while leery of the devil's wiles
'Cause demons want to fetter me, with curses, dirt, developing evil
The peaceful welcome me, the sweltering, I shouldn't have to err, the righteous fight of faith
A medley of nothings, no function, or gumption, in my light
I edit what I do too, dumb, is what I am, never sweat it, give the knowledge back, for justice, since my college path
Have no clue
My run of a day, and what I may be seeing, claim attention, fonds what I'm saying
But that's baloney though
I wasn't molding, chain of the wicked, that's lit, on fire, in hell
On me, but I snicker
The liquor, is what enables satan, bitter, I can cue if want, and most the jokes, I never think about
What's making ground in hell is what degrades me now...
Flaming, loud shouts, persisting, wailing, but, can't see out
The church can't mix with world
That'd be crazy, and what I wonder, mainly, why this still occur though I crowded
And crushed it all together, shown it and exposed it, I've founded, must think it's got to weather
All the sent correction of God, but as we know, from in the Old Testament
His warnings are followed by destruction, sow blessings on this, my Father
They set the traps to wait, and take whatever given by You, to see Your servant hurting (Leave me alone)
Start that, I'm sending Light through, and probably merge with currents
Heart, facts, not digging in friends, reserve the bars for curses, and not always instantly
Hist, but God ain't mocked
They've no reason, ain't no season, ain't no reaching
Weapons couldn't even prosper when they wanted to, my faith is strong
Ain't one to lose, the lies I despise, and I judge them too
But just in truth
The stuff that don't concern some
Burn some...
And just a fool distorted all my words and then promoted stuff that wasn't truth...
I like looking at fishes, and animals, just in their natural habitats
Something cool, my life ain't 'bout the critics, and whatever useless excuses
To justify the wicked, God is not a part of, it's futile, I think about the fact that evil pick and
Choose (Why me)
What it bothers, the casting lots, and I don't even have discussions with such, but, keep it
Spirit led...
When hate becomes the model, it's the problem, but the opposite's portrayed, in lots of ways
'Cause that's the pattern satan has the earth in
That's the worst end, and certain, to grab the mirth in, some masks that's worthless
All I need, my Savior, and my first pen...
Staying determined, I heed, the evil things, though evil reigns, with a masquerade
That's okay, my Savior's worthy, speaking praise
Things will change, and disturb, the legion keeping hate
In circulation, 'cause it's breaking stuff down
But, yet, I'm made the worse of things, just for saying
What's 'round, and probably fake for not letting plots arranged, overtake me easily
Hop up off, not a loss, got the cost paid, by Jesus, by the Cross, time I saw
The greatness He be, chose to follow Light, and ever since, I've been enthralled to
Learned to think of what's to come because of what I saw repeating...
A lot of things ain't even promised... but some stuff secured...
And how I know that it ain't something that was just a lure?
And once I let go of my constant
It was just manure
But I can't live my life just in a consciousness, upset, unsure...
So I looked for God
To calm me, see, He knows it all, controls it all
The lowly fall and rise 'cause He is close, we call, the obstacles, problems, but blessings
In His eyes, and the angels follow
Neigh, tomorrow comes with strength
So I won't need relaxing from, a stack of carnal stuff ain't prominent, I strive with none
My riches are in heaven
It's a supplement of His glory and I want to be
In likeness of God
Since I know that we in likeness of God
Chasing what? Other than salvation, kindness is odd, I have the heart
Minus fornication, lightning and cod, pods, we be, not greedy, needy for Jesus
Though ain't did nothing, acting like I hid something, Psalms thirty five verse eleven, still, I pen justice
Conjured up, from bitterness
I'm still humble, still wonder...
Prominent but not false
And when they say how good my Lord is, it's just a compliment, absorbed in...
Giving up is something I don't condone, every goal is wrong, I ask the Lord protection
From the 'natural causes', stalked to death... through genetics, not, that all, can make it
Saw the pain, and even knowing of the ailments, still, some hellbent...
Murderers, that's terrorists, organized, using hell's tricks, distortion, trying to slowly destroy
With certain types harassment, which is unnecessary, for some reason, just ain't scared of
Seeing punishment for such actions
Just crushing more of God's, and more designed
I'll keep welling then, and just ignore the lies, ain't no way snakes replace
While freely forming chords and trying to harm the righteousness,
Right, if that was consummated
Backlash would be major, from God...
No telling what'll be...
And I ain't one to hate, I pray success just devour, but all the things that I embrace, I have to state 'cause it's sour...
Figments for free, mirrors, visions of me, I give in plenty even if it didn't benefit me, no enmity, resisting
Feeling, when it's spiritually, and implement consistence, based on God's ascension and themes...
To see it far and wide...
I used to think I'm fake, the promise, repent...
Instead of violence, find, I'm just an opposite side of this fence
So ain't the case, as a man, subconsciously, trying to defend
What things He gave, which would coincide with
The Holy Spirit...
Thrives within, I know the thoughts, I'm wording, naught perverted, saw determined things worried
That my purpose fades...
When the purpose stayed on matters of Light
And not the imitation kind, just the lanterns to night
And, still, my inspiration shine, and just the fact that you try crack me like that
I'll never clasp 'this' to 'that', no attachment, in fact, it last had been when in the paths
That's hid in back, branches, and different means
Of damage...
I made it clear of what I stand for
Not physical, it still erupts, the pinninacle, of common sense, reveal, that's if it's Light
I mean it no problems, express the Lord, if ain't alright, it's impeding some progress
Like hate and
Needing demons abolished...
Think it's fun and games 'til none remains
Discuss the name
Judging fake like the ones became
Not for evil do I do, the terrorism can't compete, forever I express until it change
But it ain't changing me...

For who I am, God commends, and that's all that matters


Eternally, Life, Spiritual, Truth

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