Held In The Valley

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No one goes through the valley without God permitting it. Sometimes, there's more for you to learn or more things that must be done. Don't shun the tribulations. God may be using you to help others or something.

Held In The Valley

It's quite like I envisioned...
Spiney fingers
Spikes and dark vines and thistles
The eye of money even cry
For this
If it could find the light
Of righteousness
It seems I'm held in the valley
Departed ties and bridges
I can't see through the smoke
Because the fire's biggest
Once I realize that it's a lie, to think, that I have lit it
Still I'm hopeful, like I see through the smoke
Authentic spirits doing the best they can
But in, we both, the valley
The Jezebel spirit focused on controlling us
I see the vessel saying, 'Make them broken
Fettered like a joke
Throw them dimes and pennies
So extorted
All the blind oppose...'
I'm not supposed to understand
But my mind has known
There is no coincidence at all
Wicked spirits lying...
And trying me
God is fighting, vibrantly, behind the scenes
There is a plot
To try to link and bridle me
All the things that's in occurrence, ain't by chance
But it's active action
God is nothing to be playing with
His hand lifts
And man, this society is baised
Demonizing me, for speaking of the light and then for siding with the
Highest King
And I don't have to understand crap
It's that simple
Envy underhands flak I'm getting
Demons fan that
A time of absent wisdom
Held in valleys
Guess I'm not amusing
Forgot acumen was a bed that we was laying at
Evil got illusions
Dropped confusion... Even silent
I can see how things abolish
I got the screenshots
Hot 'cause mean ones front and say you're lying to try to
Ease out
But never once shall I converse
With the sleaze route
Looking devils in the face, pray until the schemes flop
Chains? We were placed to bring down
What we see now
Satan watch the threatening
Bots to wreck
For with same forced
They ain't stop making weapons when they made yours
Come on, we can raise swords, and play more
Frames form, that God developed
Hope you know I
Praise the Lord! Despise the devil...
Just a normal being
Zealous as
I dwelled the valley, word mean what words mean
It ain't always extra tallys to the definitions
Hidden things, settled pity leaves
Out the valley, pretty, clean, you won't take advantage
I am with the Lord, Who will lift the sword on my behalf
If the ruses
I see the future, tell the Lord, what's in advance
Just to establish, sorts
So satan don't impact the course


Spiritual Warfare, Tribulations, Truth

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