Help!! There's a lion in my living room!!!

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While Mother and I are working in Studio B, Mr. Specter comes to call at the door. Mother goes to hear what he wants.

"Where should we put that lion?", he asks.

Help!! There's a lion in my living room!!!

I join them to hear what this is all about. Can this actually be true? Did Waldorf finally finish restoring and painting the two lion statues?

"Yes", Mr. Specter says.

I can't believe it. These statues have been standing outside, waiting for months and months for Waldorf to finish them. And then, without a word, they're suddenly finished.

"Let's just finish our work here; we'll come tell you where to put it just a little later", I tell Mr. Specter.

One of the statues goes onto a stone table in the garden, under the pine trees. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyoooootiful!! Truly. There's something majestic and civilized about a lion statue in a garden.

The other one, we put with a lot of effort in the living room next to the fireplace. There's always been this kind of a bench built with bricks and a wooden surface, that looks like whoever built it thought of putting something on it. Mother always put some ornaments on it, but now we have just the thing: The shiny white lion statue!

Mmmmmmmmm.... let me see... we should turn it a little this way. No, let's turn it a little that way.

When all the arranging is done, finally Mr. Specter and I are happy. The other servants who helped us, and Waldorf, leave without commenting much. Maybe they think it looks a little... scary.

But I think I like it. And Mr. Specter likes it a lot. In fact, with much enthusiasm he comes up with the idea that we should build another footbase on the other side of the fireplace too, and let the other lion sit on that, looking at this lion.

Good idea Mr. Specter! We'll get to that... some year. I don't want to kill his enthusiasm for that idea, but at the same time it might look a little too dramatic to have these two big lions looking like Sphinxes at each other, with a fire burning between the two. That would make this fireplace room look like some gothic fantasy from some movie.

A little while later, I hear Mother in the kitchen speaking to Waldorf. Mother wants me to write down all the jobs that I've been telling Waldorf to do throughout the years, that he just hasn't got around too. She's decided enough is enough, and today is the day she wants to organize his list of things so that he can finish everything he only half finished and also all the things that have been waiting for his hand for months and years.

That's a very good idea of hers. Might make Waldorf feel better if he knows his things are organized, and that he should be doing what he's doing and not be worried about rather doing something else that is more urgent. Waldorf is a bit of an artist; all his things and his schedule and his lists of things to do are always a mess and so is his life. Grabbing here, letting go there, finishing something only halfway yonder, running around to get this done while trying to juggle that. It must be a nightmare to live like that. Hopefully Mother can create some order in his life, that should last at least... a few days.

I take Mother to the living room to see our lion. She bursts out laughing at the sight of it. I'm glad she's laughing and not saying "GET IT OUT OF HERE!!!", as she might have if she was in a bad mood. Mother usually gets bitchy if she feels like she's not in control of something.

Well her laughter makes me laugh, and it's not long before we're both roaring with laughter at this dramatic big lion in our living room. We decide we'll leave it there a bit and see if we can get used to it. It does look beautiful, but it's just so dramatic, and the sight of it so imposing, that we don't know if we'll ever be able to keep a straight face in that room. But anyway, I'd like to keep it there until I've at least filmed one scene of movie there some time with that lion in that room.

And anyway, the children should like it when they come to visit. I can see in my mind's eye how they climb on it and ride it, and how it's beautiful shiny white mane gets dirty as filthy child hands clamour all over it. GET THE HELL OFF MY LION!!!! Geeeez.

Tonight, Father and Mother aren't home. I'm alone in the living room in the dark, with only some lamps on.


....oh, it's my lion statue. In the dark of night, lit sinisterly only by some of the electric light coming from around it, it looks BIG and dangerous!! Wow, ok, NOW I see what Mother meant by saying it's "a little big" perhaps. In the daytime I didn't think so, but now at night, lit partly and being partly in the dark, it looks REALLY BIG, fierce, and it's scaring the crap out of me. I LIKE IT!! Yeehaah!

How was life ever fun without a big lion statue glaring at us? Ahhh, for now our living room is complete.

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