Helping Hands

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This is about reaching out and helping others. Meeting a stranger off of the streets and making sure she was safe.

Helping Hands

Before the sun came up I was still up celebrating my Mr. President and another four years. I had stayed up so late handling business, I felt it was no need in going to sleep because if I had, it would have been time to get up to handle more business. Before 7am I was out of the house on a mission with a good friend of mine. Before we could even leave out of my neighborhood, we saw a young lady and a very young boy. The young lady had many bags, and the little boy even had him a little bag. I said to my friend, "It looks like she has a lot going on." My friend agreed and wondered if we should stop to see where the woman was going. I did not hesitate to say yes, so she stopped in the middle of the road, thank God we were not on a busy street. I asked the lady where she was headed and she stated that she really was not sure. She said that she was not from around our parts and was just trying to get home. Home for her was New York, so we knew we had to let her in the car.

While we were going in one place, we decided maybe we could help her find a way out of here. On the ride to a place where they assist local citizens of the city the lady began to tell us that she was running away, with her child in tow, away from her baby's father. She said that he was beating on her and was not letting her go home. She had only come down to visit and let her child meet his folks. In lieu of that, her baby's father had taken all of her money and told her that she was not returning home. That she was to stay with him. It had been 1 month since she had come to visit and throughout the visit she was restricted to only certain places, and he had beat her quite regularly.

Homesick, and afraid for her life and her child's life, she decided that enough was enough and she was getting out of here. She packed her backs, cleaned his wallet of his cash, and took out. (I had told her that she did not steal, because she was only taking back the money that he intially had taken from her.)

We could not blame the poor woman, because we had been there before and understood where she was coming from. No woman should have to stay where she does not want to, nor should she get beat while being imprisoned. We finally got to our destination and she painfully found out that where we took her could not help her. My friend was not having that and decided to talk to someone else. She was given pretty much the same answer, but at least the next person gave her a referral to somewhere else. So we took her to where she could get help and PRAISE GOD they gave her a bus ticket home.

After we left the place that could help her, we went to lunch and then took her to where she needed to go so she could leave and get home safely. Leaving her at the bus stop was a very emotional experience because we had spent the day with someone who was a beautiful spirit and only wanted to be home with loved ones. We had shared all throughout the day learning more about one another and encouraging her to keep moving forward.

We were determined to help this young lady and that is exactly what we did and we were not going to stop until we yielded results. Even if we could not get results today, I let her know she had a place to stay because her and her child were coming with me and they would be out of harm's way. I had become especially attached to the lady and her child and to know that I had a part in doing something that was so positive and life saving even. It filled me with joy that I couldn't describe with words and neither could my friend or the young woman because we all shared tears. Real tears that were sincere and let us all know that a bond was created and no one could have created it but God Almighty Himself.

God knew exactly what He was doing because my new friend said that she did not know how she was getting home, nor how to get where she needed to go to get there. We assured her that God knew and that's why we were moved to stop and check on her. When you let God move you you find yourself helping people you never met or know nothing about. See, what we need to realize is that He also makes us angels, pure vessels to come and help and save someone's day. I really loved doing this duty for God. I pray that He continues to pick me to be a help and not a hindrance to anyone I come in contact with. I pray that you will let Him use you in the same manner so you can feel the joy that I feel even right now. I will never forget that woman or her precious baby boy and I will always pray for them. We've exchanged information, and I do hope that I have made a new friend for life.



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